George Street extension

Published on Thursday, 21 November 2019 at 4:37:08 PM

Road Works

George Stree Extention Map

Why is this section of George Street being resurfaced?

Development of George Street is an important part of connecting and integrating the Byford Town Centre.

Metrowest, the developer of United Fuel Station, located at 801/803 South Western Highway, Byford, made an unsolicited offer to the Shire to construct road access (to a sealed and kerbed standard) on George Street south of Evans Way to Pitman Way.

The road has been designed by the Shire and meets required design and standard specifications.

At the October Ordinary Council Meeting, the Council approved the proposal by Metrowest.

This means George Street will be continuous from Evans Way to Abernethy Road for vehicular access.

How much will this cost the Shire?

Construction cost of the road will be borne by Metrowest and at no cost to the Shire.

When will the works commence?

A Development Deed has been drafted by lawyers and will be signed by the Shire and Metrowest before any works commence.

The Development Deed will cover off the following elements:

  • Issuing approval for Metrowest to access the site.
  • Ensuring construction work will be in line with Council design.
  • That there is no quid pro quo in completing these works.
  • That the work will be carried out according to specification standards acceptable to Council.

Once the Development Deed is signed, the Shire will update the community on when works will commence.

What are the benefits of upgrading this section of George Street?


Residents and visitors to the Shire will be able to enjoy movement along George Street between Evans Way and Abernethy Road without having to head back out onto the main South Western Highway. This will both improve safety for pedestrians and drivers, by allowing them to enter and exit in the lower speed George Street versus the higher speed and heavy haulage experienced on South Western Highway.

Reduced traffic congestion at Pitman Way

Traffic entering and exiting the George Street commercial zone can currently only do so from two intersections with the South Western Highway (Pitman Way and Abernethy Road). The extension works will create a third northern option for entering and exiting the town centre via a left in and out movement at Evans Way. This should lower the traffic numbers using each of the intersections to enter and exit George Street to and from the South Western Highway.

Committed development

Constructing George Street access supports the development of Byford Town Centre via the creation of a functional road network. The committed works can also be used as a basis for further grant applications by the Shire for funds to upgrade the area by finishing the George Street works

When will the remaining part of George Street be constructed?

Once the works are complete, there will remain a 100m section north of Evans Way to 783 South Western Highway to be constructed to complete George Street, which will be considered at a future date by Council.