Waste management 

The Shire has introduced short-term waste management measures for 2024-2025 due to the unexpected indefinite closure of the Shire’s Waste Transfer Station.

These include:

2 x Shire-wide green waste collections
A pre-booked bulk waste collection service.

These short-term measures should be in place for residents by April 2024. Council will decide the long-term future of the Waste Transfer Station and waste mitigation options in 2024.

The Shire also provides an on-demand waste collection service to landowners, ratepayers or tenants for:

  • mattresses
  • white goods 
  • lounge suites 
  • green waste. 

This service incurs a fee, unless you are eligible for the free on demand waste collection service.  

Know your bin day

Need to know when to wheel your bins to the curb? You can find your bin day by using our Bin Day search function. 

Simply head to Bins and Collection Dates » Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale (sjshire.wa.gov.au) and search for your address to find out key information on both your general waste and recycling collection days.