Community Recovery Plan - COVID-19

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Recovery Plan COVID-19 pandemic was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 14 December 2020. The Plan was developed in consultation with the community, the business community, State Government agencies, non-government agencies, community organisations, members of the Local Recovery Coordination Group and its sub-committees.

The Plan is intended to act as a guide to recovery within the Shire for an 18-month period until April 2022, and may be updated should significant changes occur in relation to the pandemic.


The Plan has been developed consistent with the WA Recovery Plan and outlines actions to be undertaken under a number of headings from the WA Recovery Plan as relevant to the Shire:

  • Major infrastructure investment.
  • Local building and maintenance.
  • Major road construction.
  • Building community infrastructure.
  • Housing construction.
  • Supporting small business.
  • Investing in local tourism.
  • Connecting our community.

Under each of the headings are the actions to be undertaken during three phases;


Because of the nature of the pandemic, it is possible that activities from each of these three phases will be undertaken concurrently, as recovery and response have both been necessary at each stage throughout the pandemic.

Community Recovery Plan - Covid 19