What is a Subdivision?

Subdivision and Amalgamation is the process of changing lot boundaries or creating new lots.

Why do I need to go through the subdivision process?

Subdivision performs a number of functions, the most common being to facilitate the creation of freehold lots, which allows for land sales to occur and individual land ownership to be achieved. Control of the subdivision of land is important to ensure an appropriate level of servicing can be applied to land based on the intended use of the land in a coordinated manner. Larger rural lots require a lower level of servicing due to the intent of the land to be used for agricultural development and the land area available to facilitate essential services within the lot boundary i.e. water, sewerage, etc.

What is involved in the subdivision process?

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for approving all subdivision applications and certain classes of strata subdivision applications in our State.

Information and comment from the relevant local government, any public authority or utility services provider are also included in this assessment prior to a decision being made on the proposed subdivision.

The Shire will provide comment to the WAPC based on the planning framework and considers the Local Planning Strategy, the Rural Strategy, The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Town Planning Scheme No. 2, Structure Plans, State Planning Policies and Local Planning Policies. Officers also consider the environmental, drainage, access, local character and amenity impacts as well as expressing safety concerns and other potential impacts of the subdivision proposal.

How do I begin the subdivision process?

For further information on lodging a subdivision application and the relevant forms, refer to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website.

Where can I find out the zoning of my property?

The Shire has a publicly available mapping system that provides the zoning information for properties within the Shire. A search can be undertaken by street address or lot number and can be accessed at the below link:

View our Online Mapping page

If your property is zoned ‘Urban Development’, refer to the information relating to the Local Structure Plan designation, which will provide further information.

If you are having trouble accessing intramaps, try opening it in a different browser, e.g. internet explorer.

What is a R-Code?

An R-Code is a reference to the residential density for an area, in broad terms the reference is based on the number of lots that could be subdivided per hectare e.g. R20 equates to a density of 20 lots per hectare and R60 equates to a density of 60 lots per hectare. The term is derived from State Planning Policy 7.3 – Residential Design Codes (SPP7.3), which is one of the policies applied to guide the decision making for applications for residential subdivision and residential development across Western Australia. A copy of SPP7.3 can be obtained from the Department of Planning, Lands, and Heritage website at the below link:


Subdivision Development and Management

Please find two forms to assist you with subdivision development and management.

Subdivision Clearance Expectations Guidelines

Clearance Application Checklist

If you require information or advice in relation to a subdivision, please contact our Subdivisions Team.

Subdivisions Team

Phone: 9526 1111

Subdivision/Amalgamation Condition Clearance Form

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Landscapes and Vegetation

Civil Development

Civil work throughout the Shire consists of roads, pathways, and drainage, including culverts, pipes, pits, kerb inlets, rainwater gardens, median islands, landscaping, street lights and some bridges.

The Shire is responsible for maintenance, renewal and upgrade of some 596 km of sealed roads and 137 km of unsealed roads. This equates to a cost of around $220 million dollars in road infrastructure, and around $42 million dollars worth of drainage systems that we own and maintain.

Water Management

The Shire is responsible for many different aspects of water management. We provide accurate information regarding stormwater and subsoil piping requirements for dwellings, and information about drainage requirements within subdivisions and developments across Serpentine Jarrahdale.

We also provide information and advice in relation to residential and rural easements.

 Street Lighting

Information Note - Street Lighting