Road Maintenance FAQs

What roads are under the responsibility of Main Roads within this Shire?

  • South Western Highway
  • Thomas Road, between Tonkin Hwy to the Freeway (Main Roads will be taking over the section between South Western Highway to Tonkin Hwy soon).
  • Albany Highway

What roads are under the responsibility of the Shire?

All roads that have been vested to the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale by Main Roads WA.

What does the Shire’s Operations Team do for roads?

The Shire’s Operations Team undertakes yearly civil maintenance of roads which includes shoulder maintenance and repairs, grading and re-sheeting of gravel roads, patching of potholes, repairs to both kerbing and footpaths.

Note: this does not include roads under the control of Main Roads.

What is the Shire’s capital works?

The Shire’s Design and Projects Team prepare the capital works schedule which is a list of future works that is council and grant funded. At the end of the financial year, Shire officers present the capital works as a part of the new financial year’s budget. Once adopted than the Shire’s Projects & Procurement team go out for public tender to commence construction. 
The capital works can include drainage renewals, footpath programs, bridge construction, road resurfacing, road renewals, road re-sealing, re-construction and more.

How many km/s of roads are in this Shire?

The Shire is responsible for maintenance, renewal and upgrade of some 596km of sealed roads and 137km of unsealed roads. This equates to a cost of around $220 million in road infrastructure, and around $42 million worth of drainage systems that we own and maintain.