2021 WA State Election: Priorities and requests

I am pleased to present the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s State Election Priorities and Elections Requests.

As the fastest growing local government in WA, we have almost two new families move to our Shire every day.

By 2050, Serpentine Jarrahdale will have grown from a Shire with a population of approximately 30,000 to a City with a population of nearly 130,000 people.

It is important to us that we look after our residents, and give them the quality of life they expect when moving to Serpentine Jarrahdale.

Through community engagement and strategic long-term planning, we have adopted our new Corporate Business Plan 2020 – 2024, which outlines our key projects and initiatives to support our growing community.

This is further supported by our Long Term Financial Plan, which details how the projects and initiatives can be achieved as part of our ongoing commitment to strengthening our financial sustainability.

Our population growth rate has meant that even with our normal revenue streams and developer contributions, we will not be able to deliver the infrastructure our community needs.

Through partnerships, we can make these critical projects a reality and deliver social, environmental and economic benefits for our local community, the Peel region and WA.

We hope we have your support.

Cr Michelle Rich

Shire President


2021 WA State Election: Priorities and requests

Shire Opportunities Map


Population growth

The Shire remains the fastest growing local government in WA, and the third fastest in Australia. It is the only WA local government that features annual population growth above 5%, as well as the only WA local government in the top 10 growth areas across the nation.

Over the next 10 years, the Shire will grow by more than 60%, or 21,000 people, which will be predominately young couples and families building their first home. This represents approximately 7,500 new dwellings over the next 10 years and two new families moving to the Shire each day.

Population forecast for the Shire

2020 2030
34,523 55,632*


This rapid population growth and influx of young couples and families will drive significant growth in the number of young children and teenagers. Over the next 10 years there will also be an additional 4,700 young people (aged between 0 to 16 years) living in the Shire, which will be made of:

Additional number over next 10 years

0-4 Yrs 5-9 Yrs 10-16 Yrs
1,304 1,185 2,209

This growth presents challenges on two fronts. Firstly, ensuring young people have appropriate education and career pathways to support the career and emotional success for young people in the Shire, and broader success for the State.

Secondly, upgrading local roads and delivering new and modern infrastructure to support our growing community is critical, as the current road network was designed for rural uses and the Shire is not able to upgrade the roads quick enough to align with the hyper-population growth, and the Shire’s current community facilities are not adequate.

What we need to do

  • Create pathways for primary, secondary and post-secondary education for local young
  • Improve the safety and standard of the Shire’s local road network
  • Deliver modern community infrastructure for our diverse communities.

Local training and employment

The hyper growth reality for the Shire requires a focus on growing local businesses that can provide and sustain local jobs, in order to underpin a strong local economy.

Currently, less than 20% of the Shire’s residents are employed locally and the vast majority of residents are commuting outside of the Shire for work.

There is also a lack of diversity in employment sectors which our residents work. The construction industry has the largest number of total registered businesses in the Shire,

comprising 26.5% of all total registered businesses. This compares to 17% of total businesses in WA Construction is heavily influenced by the business cycle, and can create periods of boom followed by bust which can have a greater overall impact on the Shire and its residents.

Likewise, the Shire lacks a range of higher paying more resilient service-based jobs. Professional, scientific and technical services businesses for the Shire equal 7.4%, compared to 12.1% for the state. Meanwhile, financial and insurance services businesses for the Shire equal 6.6% whereas for WA the percentage is 9.2%.

Diversification in jobs requires commitment to deliver greater professional service, industry and manufacturing-based opportunities that reflect the skills and attributes of our residents. Likewise, the significant importance of construction for our future requires a continued investment.

The impacts of COVID-19 are also being felt in the Shire, with the Job keeper Reliance Index revealing that Byford and Mundijong have a high proportion of residents on the payment, coming in at the 90th percentile.

The 2020 Seer Data & Analytics report on Australia’s most vulnerable suburbs ranked Byford seventh in the State for rates of mortgage stress, affecting up to one-fifth of the suburb’s residents. The figures are backed by census data, which reveal that almost one-quarter of home owners in the Byford area are currently working in industries considered vulnerable during the crisis, including hospitality, retail, the arts and recreation sector and construction.

What we need to do

  • Diversify local employment to support greater professional service, industry and manufacturing-based opportunities that reflect the skills and attributes of our residents.
  • Develop skills and training pathways for young people in the Shire so they have access to local, high quality post-secondary education.

Creating and delivering vibrant TOD Centres in Byford and Mundijong

It is critical that the Shire maximises the significant 

State and Federal Government investment in Byford Metronet and the Tonkin Highway Extension to achieve good long-term social, environment and economic outcomes.

The Shire is seeking to work with the State Government to deliver a vibrant employment hub and boost residential and commercial development within the Byford Town Centre through creating a Transit Orientated Development (TOD).

The Byford Town Centre will evolve over time from a district hub into a regional centre. It will provide a broad range of employment, retail and commercial opportunities, education, medical, civic, entertainment and recreation uses, and this will draw investment of both the private and public sectors.

It will also allow opportunities for the Shire and developers to provide new residential and

mixed-use typologies around the transport node, something that is not yet evident in Byford. This will harness a new relationship between the public realm, built form and land use.

To further assist the development of the West Mundijong Industrial Area and future development of Mundijong Town Centre, it is critical that the Freight Rail Line is re-aligned as part of the Tonkin Highway extension project.

What we need to do

  • Ensure the planning of Byford Metronet facilitates a vibrant Transit Orientated Development for the Byford Town
  • Re-align the Freight Rail Line as part of the Tonkin Highway extension project to enable the future Mundijong Town Centre and assist the development of the West Mundijong Industrial Area.

Financial capacity of Shire to deliver infrastructure

It is important to us that we look after our 

residents, and give them the quality of life they expect when moving to Serpentine Jarrahdale.

The aspirations of the community are outlined in the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan, and other supporting strategies and plans.

Our population growth rate has meant that even with our normal revenue streams and developer contributions, we are struggling to finance the infrastructure our community needs.

A further challenge for the Shire is that it has not previously had a Developer Contribution Plan for community infrastructure, therefore no funds have been collected for all the development that have occurred in Byford to date.

As the fastest growing local government in WA, it is critical that we partner with State and Federal Governments to deliver the infrastructure required for our growing community.

What we need to do

  • Secure State and Federal Government support and funding to deliver community infrastructure.
  • Optimise Shire assets to assist in delivering upon community priorities.

Opportunities Map

Click here to download the Shire Opportunities Map.

Priorities and requests

Advocacy Alignment
Opportunity Population growth Educations, training & jobs Vibrant TOD centres Financial capacity/ sustainability Request Cost Status
1 New sporting facilities at Keirnan Park Recreation Precinct

Fund construction of Stage 1 - Keirnan Park Recreation Precinct, which includes:

  • Oval
  • Pavilion
  • Netball Courts
  • Regional BMX Facility
$20 million or prefund the Shire’s Developer Contribution Scheme Funding secured
2 Upgrade Shire roads to cope with hyper-growth Funding for the Shire’s Hyper-growth Road Upgrades Plan to improve the safety and  standard of 129km of the Shire’s  local road network. $79 million – 10 year staged delivery, $8  million per annum Still Advocating 
Funding for Thomas Road to be dual carriage way between South Western Highway and Kwinana Freeway, as well as for Main Roads WA to take over control of the remaining section of Thomas Road (Tonkin Highway and South  Western Highway). $80 million Still Advocating 
3 Provide allied health services through the establishment of Byford Health Hub 50% funding to deliver Byford Health Hub (subject to Business Case). Federal Government to fund other 50% and Shire to provide land. $5 million Still Advocating 
4 Provide the Shire with capacity to fund and deliver local infrastructure

Planning Minister to grant final approval for the following Development Contribution


  • Amendment 207 (Shire’s Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan)
  • Amendment 208 (Shire’s updated Development Contribution Plan for Traditional Shared Infrastructure for Byford Urban Development area)
  • Amendment 209 (Shire’s new Development Contribution Plan for Traditional Shared Infrastructure for Mundijong Urban Development area)
Nil Still Advocating 


Transfer current State Government Reserve land into Freehold to facilitate development and jobs

Shire Administration Precinct and surrounding land (Reserves planning 30867, 4486 and 4330 ) to be       amendment transferred from reserve to Freehold to enable funding of the redevelopment of new Shire Administration building

Byford Hall (Reserve 21500) be transferred from Reserve to Freehold.

No Cost - planning amendment Still Advocating 


Provide a high amenity nature themed playground and water splash park.





Fund the Byford Nature Play Splash Park as per the Concept Design Report.

$2.6 million

Still Advocating 


Upgrades to Byford Secondary College





Deliver Stage 4 of Byford Secondary College and fund air- conditioning upgrade

To be determined

Still Advocating 


Provide local education and training opportunities for young people in  the south-east metropolitan corridor

Purchase land within the Byford $2 million Metronet station precinct for the future delivery of Byford TAFE, as per Perth and Peel 3.5

Still Advocating 


Develop West Mundijong Industrial Area as Intermodal Hub for WestPort










Development WA to undertake the Development of West Mundijong Industrial Area on a fee for service basis including establishing a Task Force comprising landowners and stakeholders to coordinate activities.


Include West Mundijong Industrial Area as part of the new Strategic Authority being established to manage industrial land associated with WestPort.



Still Advocating 





Re-align the Freight Rail line away from Mundijong Town Centre as part of Tonkin Highway extension



$60 million

Still Advocating 


Transform Jarrahdale to a Trails Town, focusing on walking and equine.





Fund the delivery of Stage 1 – Trails Development Business Case (Attached) including:

  • Byford Trails Centre
  • Mundijong to Jarrahdale Rail Trail
  • Jarrahdale Trail Head
  • Jarrahdale Trails Town Readiness

$12.4 million

Still Advocating 


Implement the Peel and Shire of SJ Equine Strategies for tourism, equine job and business creation.





Fund Business Case to support establishing an Equine Business Park and Relocating State Equestrian Centre from Brigadoon (Shire to provide land).


Still Advocating 


Investigate establishing a FOGO processing facility in the Shire.





Fund a business case to investigate establishing FOGO processing centre in Shire

to service the South Eastern Metropolitan Region.

$150, 000

Still Advocating 


Byford Town Centre

– place making and activation





Provide funding for the engagement, planning and development of public spaces and community facilities in the Byford Town Centre.

$1.5 million

Still Advocating 


Byford Metronet – pre-works

Preference is for an Elevated Train Station in Byford. However, if this cannot be achieved, then request the following:

  • Construction of a western extension of Clara Street from South Western Highway through to a newly constructed road (extension of San Simeon Boulevard).
  • Construction of San Simeon Boulevard
  • Grade separated crossing at Larsen Road
  • Grade separated crossing at Thomas Road
  • Police presence at Train Station
To be determined

Station location decided. 

Pre-works at Thomas Road to remove level crossing.


Implement Shire Integrated Water Management strategy - Water optimisation and the Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Recreation Centre





Harvest the rainfall from Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Recreation Centre, Store the water in a new Water Storage Tank.

The water to be used for irrigation and recharging the aquifer to increase the Shire’s water entitlements to meet future water demands across the Shire.


Still Advocating