Hypergrowth Roads Program

Project Overview

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is committed to building a safer road network, with three key roads set to receive extensive rehabilitation works over the coming years.

Following an $18 million State Government commitment, the following roads will be upgraded:

  • Kargotich Road
  • Soldiers Road
  • Orton Road

Upgrades will include road widening, pavement rehabilitation, drainage investigation and street lighting design.



Detailed information

For a breakdown of progress on each road being upgraded as part of this program, click the button below.

Hypergrowth Roads Program


January 2021

State Government announces $18 million commitment to fund Hypergrowth Roads Program.

February 2022

Tender awarded to Talis Consultants Pty Ltd to carry out works on Kargotich Road Stage 1.

May 2022

Tender awarded to WML Consultants Pty Ltd to carry out works on Soldiers Road and Orton Road.

August 2022

Community consultation was held to engage residents that will be impacted by the construction phase.

September 2022 - March 2023

Planning works to begin Stage 1 upgrades to Kargotich Road.

April 2023

Construction begins Kargotich Road Stage 1 upgrades (between Rowley Road and Thomas Road).

August 2023

Practical completion of Kargotich Road Stage 1 upgrades reached.

December 2023

Final completion of Kargotich Road Stage 1 upgrades.

January 2024

Planning and design works resumed for Soldiers Road, Orton Road and Kargotich Road Stage 2 upgrades.