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We strive to maintain the historical links to local families. In order for a burial or placement to occur at either of the Shire cemeteries, a personal link to the area should be demonstrated in accordance with the Shire's Right of Burial policy.

Serpentine Cemetery

Established in 1856, Serpentine Cemetery is located on the corner of South Western Highway and Gordon Road in Serpentine. The Cemetery has options for both burials and the placement of ashes.

History of Serpentine Cemetery

Jarrahdale Cemetery

The Jarrahdale Cemetery is located along Atkins Street in Jarrahdale. Established in 1872, the Cemetery has options available for both the placement of ashes and traditional burials.

History of Jarrahdale Cemetery

Whitby Falls Cemetery

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has acquired 40 ha of land in the Whitby district to develop a new regional cemetery to service the rapidly growing South Eastern corridor. The announcement for the transfer of land was made in March 2012. The development of the site is the responsibility of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board.


Both of our cemeteries are non-denominational.

We strive to maintain the historical links to local families. In order for a burial or placement to occur at either of the Shire cemeteries, a personal link to the area should be demonstrated in accordance with the Shire's Right of Burial policy. This doesn't limit burial rights to a current local resident or family member, and can extend to a former resident or other person with some other personal, social or cultural link with the area. Council will assess each individual case on its merits.

Burials are generally carried out by a funeral director, who will arrange every aspect of the burial and service for the family.

Burials Within the Shire

Lodging a Burial Information request

Please click on the button below to provide the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale with necessary information regarding burials at either Jarrahdale Cemetery or Serpentine Cemetery.

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Both cemeteries allow for the placement of ashes.

Options available at Jarrahdale Cemetery include memorial wall niches, kerb niches, and ground niches.

Serpentine Cemetery includes different options on the ashes walk for a single niche and the memorial wall, as well as single, double, and family niches. Due to the architecture of the memorial wall, ash containers must be a certain size in order to be placed in Serpentine.

When applying to place ashes, a copy of the death certificate and the cremation certificate will need to accompany your application.

Ashes can also be placed within existing graves in both cemeteries, provided that permission from the Grant Right of Burial holder is given.

Jarrahdale Memorial Walk

Serpentine Memorial Walk

Serpentine Ashes Walk


Monuments are not installed by Council and a separate application is completed through a monument mason, with the permission of the holder of the Grant of Right of Burial.

Monuments will need to be in keeping with the existing monuments at the Cemeteries.

If a monument is placed before adequate settling of the area has occurred, it is possible that the monument may be damaged through the ground movement during the settling process, which could result in cracks and broken monuments. As all monumental masons are made aware of this requirement, the Council accepts no responsibility for settlement of the site affecting the monument.

Monument designs should be in keeping with what already exists within each cemetery.

Each memorial shall be placed on proper and substantial foundations to suit each cemetery.

Information on Erecting a Monument for Monumental Masons 

Grant Right of Burial

Tenure on private graves is specified in a legal document called the “Grant of Right of Burial”.  It is important to give careful consideration when nominating a person or agreeing to hold the Grant of Right of Burial as the Grantee has the right to all activities within the grave plot area.  This includes approval to place cremated remains, for further burials in the nominated grave plot, and/or to erect monumental work upon the grave.  In some situations conflict can arise and responsibility for the outcome lies with the holder of the Grant.

Grant Right of Burial 

General Information for our Cemeteries

Removal of Flowers on Memorials

A person may remove withered or plastic flowers from a grave or memorial and these are to be placed in a receptacle (bin) provided by the Shire for that purpose.

Plants and Trees

No trees or shrubs shall be planted on any grave except such as approved by the Chief Executive Officer. All vegetation planted within graves will be the responsibility of the family to maintain.


Individual families are expected to maintain their own graves and plots. Authorised officers will maintain the surrounding environment within the cemetery area with the assistance from volunteers and community members.

Local Law for Cemeteries

There is a local law that has been adopted by Council to assist with the guidance and management of both the Serpentine and Jarrahdale Cemeteries.

Cemeteries Local Law