SJ community invited to have their say and help Shape our Future

Published on Tuesday, 28 February 2023 at 4:06:09 PM

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is planning for what our community looks like in 2033 and we’re calling on residents to help Shape Our Future.

To ensure the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan represents the community’s aspirations, the Shire is launching an extensive community engagement project, Shape our Future - SJ 2033.

Shape our Future - SJ 2033 is the project which will inform the Shire’s new Strategic Community Plan, which is a 10-year blueprint that outlines our community's long-term vision, values, aspirations, and priorities.

What is a Strategic Community Plan?

A Strategic Community Plan is a 10-year strategy and planning tool which aims to guide the development of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

It is a vital document in outlining the long-term priorities and needs of our community and guides the Shire in areas such as infrastructure upgrades, local events, service delivery and much more.

Why is the Shire reviewing its Strategic Community Plan?

Our community has grown significantly since our last Strategic Community Plan was developed in 2017.  Our population has increased and we live in a much different world with different needs and priorities.

This review will help ensure the Shire's Strategic Community Plan is up to date and reflects the current needs of our community.

Why does the Shire want to hear from me?

Genuine feedback coming directly from Serpentine Jarrahdale residents is the only way we can develop a successful vision for our community.

Quite simply, we need you to tell us what our Shire needs the most over the next decade.

How will my feedback effect change in the community?

Your feedback will help us better understand what's important to you, and will inform us on our journey to creating a brighter future in SJ.

Whether you would like to see improvements at your local park, or you have larger scale concerns, it's crucial you have your say so we can address your highest priorities in the Strategic Community Plan.

How can I get involved?

Your voice matters and there are a bunch of ways you can be heard.

The Shire will be holding a variety of community workshops, morning teas, pop-up stalls and local events over the coming weeks.

You can also participate by completing our online survey.

Help us Shape our Future today

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