Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Home Security Tips

You can incorporate safety measures around the home, to help reduce opportunistic crime:

  • Keep doors and windows locked, even while you are home
  • Don't hide keys outside, leave them with a trusted friend, family member or neighbour
  • Ensure sheds, garages and gates are locked 
  • Get to know your neighbours. Neighbours are in the best position to identify anything suspicious in the street, so keep an eye out for each other and report anything suspicious to police. 
  • Ensure your home is well lit and clear of obstructions such as shrubs 
  • Remove your valuables from your vehicles 
  • Mark your property and valuables and keep a property register

Home safety checklist


If you have public facing CCTV around your home, you can opt to register the details to WA Police Cam-Map to assist police in locating CCTV quickly, during investigations.  

Cam-Map WA is a secure database of self-registered CCTV systems across the state, operated by the WA Police.

Accurate knowledge of the locations of CCTV systems will assist WA Police to investigate incidents in order to improve community safety.

Cam-Map WA

Cyber Safety

The Internet offers a multitude of benefits; however, it is important to keep yourself and your family safe in the online space. 

  • Use secure passwords and change them regularly (use a mix of letters, characters and numbers)
  • Use two-factor authentication settings
  • Be aware of the information you may be sharing on social media and how much detail you are sharing
  • Report anything that looks suspicious and could potentially be a scam to Scamwatch 

For more information on children and online safety, visit Children and Families

Other useful cyber safety links:


Bike Security

Bikelinc is a Crime Stoppers powered initiative to help return lost or stolen bikes and rideables to their rightful owners. You can register the serial number, description and details to the database. 

Register with Bikelinc

Anti-theft Screws for licence plates

Anti-theft screws turn only one way, preventing opportunistic thieves from removing the number plate with a regular screwdriver. You can purchase these from hardware or auto stores, or visit one of our Neighbourhood Watch information stalls at community events, to find out more. 

Seniors Safety and Security

WA Seniors Card holders can apply for a subsidy for certain home security items including CCTV and security screen doors. More information can be found here