RFT 07/2024 - Hopeland Road (A & B) – Rehabilitation

Published on Friday, 28 June 2024 at 10:27:38 AM

Tender Documents & Contract Requirements are available from the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Tenderlink website: www.tenderlink.com/sjshire.

For further details regarding this tender, please contact Procurement Services at tenders@sjshire.wa.gov.au .

Lodgement:  Tenders can only be lodged using the Tenderlink E-Tendering website: www.tenderlink.com/sjshire. All electronic submission files shall be clearly named with the Shire’s Tender Number as stated above and the Tenderer’s Name; and be lodged by the specified time and date.

No late, telephoned, faxed, mailed, emailed or hand delivered tenders will be accepted.



Paul Martin

Chief Executive Officer