Roads Network Upgrades

Project Overview

As the fastest growing local government in WA, and the fifth fastest in Australia, our existing road network is overloaded and inadequate.

We are working hard to improve the quality and number of our roads to keep up with our ever-growing population. This includes planning for the long-term by advocating to State and Federal Government for future road funding such as the Tonkin Highway extension.

Roads are one of our SJ community’s biggest concerns. We know this. We hear you. Behind the scenes we’re working hard, both internally and with external partners such as Main Roads and local developers to make our roads safer for our residents and visitors.

Orton Road

We know – it’s arguably the worst road in the Shire and is only getting worse with the increasing traffic use due to the population explosion over the past couple of years.

From the Shire’s perspective there are two distinct sections of Orton Road; West of Hopkinson Road, between Hopkinson and Nicholson Roads (referred to as West), and East of Hopkinson Road (referred to as East). The distinction is important because the Shire has funding via separate funding mechanisms  to carry out the required upgrades.

Orton Road West

Orton Road (West) makes up one of our Hypergrowth Roads Projects – a 1.4km section of Orton Road from Kargotich Road to Hopkinson Road. This project is part of the $18 million State Government Election commitment funding allowing the Shire to build a safer road network.

The 1.4km stretch of road will receive several upgrades including road widening, resurfacing, incorporating crash barriers, upgrading culverts, and installing necessary street lighting. Relocation of Telstra underground services is also included in the works.

Construction is due to commence in September 2024, pending the acquisition of a clearing permit.

Orton Road East

Recent works

The Shire is working with Developers to undertake temporary upgrades to this section of road, as well as plan works for its ultimate upgrade and realignment.

Works were undertaken to repair the shoulders of Orton Road between Hopkinson Road and Doley Road in June, with a seal coat to be installed at the same time. This work had previously been scheduled twice but was cancelled both times due to rain (the work will be compromised if done in rainy conditions).

In late June the Shoulders were repaired for the 1km length of road and the seal was attempted over a length of approximately 200m. Unfortunately, as it was being applied it was clear the base was unstable due to excess moisture on the shoulders from recent preceding rains. This resulted in the planned seal on that date being cancelled. The seal that was applied has since deteriorated, as was expected.

Moving forward

Work has been tentatively scheduled to repair the shoulders again in mid-September (weather dependant). This will include applying the seal coat for the length between Hopkinson and Doley Roads. It is important to note that these repairs are designed as temporary measures for Orton Road as longer-term plans are in place for the ultimate upgrade of the road.

Future plans

The upgrade of Orton Road east of Hopkinson Road to Warrington Road, is a Development Contribution Plan (DCP)funded project. This means the road will be upgraded to an urban standard, funded by Developers and delivered as works in kind by the adjacent two land developers.

Both developers are currently working on the design of this upgrade, which is currently planned to be delivered late 2023 /early 2024 (subject to final approvals and award of contracts). As this ultimate upgrade will be delivered soon, the current proposed repairs are a temporary fix. In the long term this will also see an extension of Orton Road further east of Warrington Road.

For more information on the future Tonkin Highway extension visit the Main Roads website.



Road Report

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