SJ firies hard at work amid busy bushfire season

Published on Thursday, 1 February 2024 at 9:12:18 AM

The busy start to the South West bushfire season has continued into the new year with Serpentine Jarrahdale’s local firefighters working tirelessly to keep SJ residents safe in recent weeks.

Dedicated volunteers from across the Shire’s seven brigades have responded to a total 95 incidents within Serpentine Jarrahdale since the season began on 1 November 2023.

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This includes battling 10 large bushfire emergencies, most notably those in Keysbrook and Jarrahdale.

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Chief Bushfire Control Officer Leigh Mulholland praised the efforts of SJ’s volunteers.

“This is an exceptional effort from our volunteer fire brigades and highlights their commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of the community,” Mr Mulholland said.

“I strongly urge our residents to prioritise preparedness. The better equipped your properties and family are for a bushfire the smoother and safer it becomes for you and our firefighters when the inevitable occurs.”

Jarrahdale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade Captain Sarah Davis said the busy fire season highlighted the need for residents to be engaged and up to date with the latest fire conditions.

"As a volunteer captain, I strongly emphasise the importance of taking the time to learn and understand the Bushfire Warning System,” Captain Davis said.

“The recent warnings right across the Shire, including those in the Jarrahdale and Keysbrook townsites, underscore the significance of being well-prepared.”

A full breakdown of incidents responded to by local brigades is as follows:

  • Byford Volunteer Bushfire Brigade: 52 Incidents, including 14 large bushfires
  • Jarrahdale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade: 27 Incidents, including 8 large bushfires
  • Keysbrook Volunteer Bushfire Brigade: 16 Incidents, including 4 large bushfires
  • Mundijong Volunteer Bushfire Brigade: 51 Incidents, including 16 large bushfires
  • Oakford Volunteer Bushfire Brigade: 50 Incidents, including 18 large bushfires
  • Serpentine Volunteer Bushfire Brigade: 30 Incidents, including 12 large bushfires
  • SJ Emergency Support Brigade: 7 Incidents

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