Graffiti? Who are you going to call?

Published on Tuesday, 7 May 2024 at 11:03:53 AM

Left to right: Thomas Vassallo - Coordinator Community Safety, Joshua Smith - Youth Community Champion,
Caillen Paynter - Youth Coordinator, David Black - Business Manager (Kleenit Group)

A new campaign will encourage SJ Shire residents and ratepayers to help put an end to graffiti, and report it on the spot.

Supported by the WA Police Force, the Tag Busters campaign will raise awareness about the impact of graffiti on the SJ community and encourage residents to log incidents online through the Goodbye Graffiti website.

Shire President Rob Coales expressed his commitment to addressing the issue of graffiti and vandalism head-on.

"The Tag Busters campaign is a proactive step towards safeguarding our community spaces”, he said. “Graffiti isn’t just ugly, it’s vandalism and many people find it intimidating.

“It is important that people, regardless of their age, are aware that it is a serious criminal offence. Tag Busters does just that.

“By empowering residents to report graffiti, we're enabling them to take a direct stand against anti-social behaviour and preserve the beauty of our Shire for future generations."

President Coales went on to say that the removal and repair costs caused by graffiti placed a financial burden on ratepayers.

“Through the Tag Busters campaign, we're urging residents to take ownership of their community and report incidents promptly. By working together to care for our environment, we can take swift action to remove this blight from the Shire.

For more information about the Tag Busters campaign and reporting graffiti, please click here.

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