Rates Concessions and Rebates

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Rates Rebates

Pensioner and Seniors Rebate

The Office of State Revenue provides eligible pensioners and seniors with a rebate or deferment of their local government rates and emergency services levy.

To be eligible to apply, an applicant must own and occupy the property as their ordinary place of residence on 1 July of the current financial year.

To be eligible for a rebate, pensioners/seniors must register with Water Corporation

  • The due date for payment of rates for eligible pensioners/seniors within the Shire is 30 June of the current financial year
  • Pensioners/seniors within the Shire are exempt from administration fees associated with rates
  • No late payment penalty interest

The rebate will be applied from the date of registration with the Water Corporation.

Please download a Pensioners and Seniors Fact Sheet.

More information on the State Revenue – Pensioners and Seniors Rebate Scheme can be found here.

Rates Concessions

How do I apply for a rates concession?

You can apply for concessions relating to farmland and conservation activities on your property. Eligible properties in the UV Rural category can have their rate in the dollar reduced by 31% for farmland and 50% for conservation.

Farmland concessions are reviewed every two years. Please call the Rates Team on 9526 1111 to make an application. Applications are effective from 1 July.

For more information on the concessions please read the below information.

Farmland Concession

Council Policy 3.2.7 - Farmland Concessions

Conservation Concession

Information Note on Conservation Zones