Keirnan Park Recreation and Sporting Precinct

Project Overview

Plans are progressing on a district sporting precinct for our ever-growing community.

In recognition of the significant population growth in the Shire, an assessment of community infrastructure and public open space needs identified the need for a district sporting space that can also perform a regional function for identified key sporting codes.

Keirnan Park was identified as the most appropriate location for this sport space and this was supported by a decision by the State Government in August 2020 to provide $20 million for a first stage development.

Stage 1 works have been split into two separate sections. These include:

Stage 1A: Multi-use pavilion, entry road, car park and ovals

Stage 1B: BMX Track and Pavilion




    Business Case

    Final Master Plan

    Stage 1A Project Scope

    Stage 1B BMX Track Concept


    August 2020

    • State Government commit $20 million to fund Keirnan Park Recreation and Sporting Precinct development

    March 2021

    • Keirnan Park Master Plan endorsed.

    April 2021

    • Design planning commenced for Stage 1A and Stage 1B.

    December 2021

    • Stakeholder Reference Group formed to support, assist and advise the Shire with matters relating to the planning and design

    May 2022

    • Stage 1A Project Scope endorsed.

    February 2023

    • Stage 1B (BMX Track and Pavilion) Concept Design endorsed.
    • Detailed Design commenced for Stage 1A and Stage 1B

    June 2023

    • Shire Officers received completed Detailed Design for Stage 1A and Stage 1B
    • Shire Officers received finalised documentation on Stage 1A Tender 1 with a Certificate of Design Compliance
    • Shire Officers completed review of Stage 1B BMX Track and Pavilion documentation