Make Every Journey Safe

As Western Australia’s leading equine hub, we take promotion and advocacy for the safety of our horse riders and other road users in SJ seriously.

With more people moving to the Shire and commuting through our roads, we must prioritise the safety of everyone.

To drive awareness for horses on our roads, we’re launching our campaign ‘Make every journey safe’. The campaign is a simple reminder to all road users in the Shire of how to share the road safely, together, regardless of whether you’re driving, walking, riding a bike or on horseback.


Everyone deserves to feel safe and confident on our roads, and we’re hoping with your help to share our message, that’s exactly what everyone will feel. Help us, help our community to make every journey safe.

Together, we can all enjoy a smooth ride.

Campaign Overview

This campaign aims to increase awareness of horses travelling on our roads and encourages courtesy amongst all road users when sharing paths and roads.

With the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale being one of the fastest-growing local governments in Australia, this campaign reminds all path and road users to share the road safely by following the rules and being considerate of others.. 

Please contact if you have any queries regarding this campaign. 

Media and Resources

Our campaign 'Make every journey safe' will be promoted broadly across several different channels including newspapers, websites, social media advertising, organic post content, radio stations and more.

You will also no doubt notice plenty of posters and informative signs placed across the Shire.

Promotional materials for the campaign can be downloaded below.


Make Every Journey Safe: Be Seen

Make Every Journey Safe: Overtaking Safely

Make Every Journey Safe: Walking your dog responsibly

Make Every Journey Safe: There is room for everyone



Social Media Graphics


Need more information?

For more information on horses in SJ, bridle trails and policies to assist the equine community, click here.

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