Common Forms

Applying for a new bin, registering an animal, updating your address... life is filled with forms! 

To make things easier for Serpentine Jarrahdale residents, we've compiled a bunch of common forms that you might need to use right here in one place.

Check out the list below to find what you're looking for.

After Hours Construction Work

After Hours Construction Work Application

Alcohol Consumption on Shire Premises

Permit to Consume Alcohol on Shire Premises

Animal Registration

Animal Registration Form

Application to Keep Bees

Application to Keep Bees Form

Application to keep Rooster, Peafowl, Geese or Guineafowl

Application to Keep Rooster, Peafowl, Geese or Guineafowl

Authority to Act Form

Authority to Act Form

Bin Service - New

Apply for a new Bin Service

Bin Service - Upgrade

Apply to upgrade and/or add to an existing Bin Service

BPAY Payment Arrangement Request Service Agreement

BPAY Payment Arrangement Request Service Agreement

Building Approval Certificate 

Application for Building Approval Certificate

Certificate of Building Compliance

Building Permit (Certified) 

Application for Building Permit: Certified

Building Permit (Uncertified) 

Application for Building Permit: Uncertified

Building Plans Request

Request for Building Plans Application

Bond Refund Request

Request for Bond Refund Application

Change of Address

Change of Address Notification Form

Construct or Alter a Food Business

Application Form: Construct or Alter a Food Business

Controlled Burn: Notify Your Neighbour

Controlled Burn Neighbour Notification Slip

Crossover Application

Application for Crossover Construction

Crossover Subsidy

Application for Crossover Subsidy

Development Application

Application for Development Approval

Direct Debit Application

Direct Debit Payment Arrangement for Shire Rates and Services

Dog Application Form 3-6

3-6 Dogs Application Form

Effluent Disposal System Application

Checklist: Lodging an On-site Effluent Disposal System

Electrical Maintenance and Servicing Confirmation

Confirmation of Electrical Maintenance and Servicing

E-Rates Registration

Register for E-Rates

Event Application

Application for a Public Event

Event Emergency Management Plan

Event Emergency Management Plan Form

Event Noise Management

Public Event Noise Management Form

Facility Hire

Book a Shire facility here

Farmland Concession

Farmland Concession Application Form

Financial Hardship 

Financial Hardship (Rates and Services) Application Form

Firebreak Variation 

Variation to Firebreak Order Enquiry Form

Food at Events 

Application for Collective Food Vendors Approval

Food Premises Registration

Food Business Notification / Registration Form

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Application Form

Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration Application

Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration Application Form

Liquor Licence Approval

Liquor Licence Approval Form

Noise Complaints

Noise Complaint Log Sheet

Notice of Completion

Notice of Completion Form

Occupancy Permit Application

Application for Occupancy Permit

On-Demand Waste Collection - Fee Payable

Fee Payable On-Demand Waste Collection Application

On-Demand Waste Collection - Free

Application for Free On-Demand Waste Collection

Prepare and Sell Food from a Residential Premises

Application to Prepare and Sell Food from a Residential Premises

Rural Roadside Rubbish Collection

Rural Roadside Rubbish Collection Application

Thoroughfare Closure Permit

Application for Temporary Thoroughfare Closure Permit

Thoroughfare Works Permit

Application for Conducting Works in a Thoroughfare

Trading in Public Places

Trading in Public Places Licence Application Form

Traffic Management Plan

Application for Traffic Management Assessment

Verge Burning Application

Application for Shire Verge Burning

Verge Herbicide Checklist

Verge Herbicide Checklist Template

Verge Treatment Variation

Verge Treatment Variation (Urban) Application Form

Written Planning Advice Application

Application for Written Planning Advice