SJ Residents once again urged to report illegal dumping

Published on Tuesday, 11 June 2024 at 4:32:02 PM

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale again urges residents to report illegal dumping as cases continue
to rise, affecting the entire community.

Image: Fences are dumped

Image: Green waste and building materials are left on the streets

Image: Household items including mattresses and furniture are spread across our green spaces.

With Shire staff responding to a concerning number of instances of illegal dumping throughout the
2023/24 financial year Shire President Rob Coales asks for community assistance to stop the havoc
that’s being wreaked on our environment, wildlife and bushland.

“We live in such a beautiful area of Perth and its heartbreaking to drive through the Shire and see
mattresses, clothing, tyres, whitegoods and other bulk waste just littered through trees and even on
the sides of the road,” said President Coales.

“Not only does this divert our Shire crews away from other tasks like upgrading local infrastructure
or maintaining reserves, it also costs us dearly with more than $500,000 annually spent on
responding to and disposing of illegal dumping.”

“With recent introductions of kerbside green waste collections and bookable bulk waste collections,
we’re hoping to see illegal dumping reduce, but we still need assistance from our community to report
illegal dumping when they see it.”

Residents are encouraged to lodge a report to the Shire
(, attaching
photos and vehicle registration if it is safe to get these details.

The Shire will be running an illegal dumping campaign on social media to try and increase the
number of lodgements and reduce the illegal dumping trend in the Shire.

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