What is a Development Contribution Plan?

A Development Contribution Plan (DCP) acknowledges the fact that new development places additional pressure on existing infrastructure (such as road infrastructure and community facilities), as well as generating the need for additional and expanded infrastructure.

Through developer contributions, the Shire can ensure necessary infrastructure is provided at the right time and scale in response to growth occurring.

A DCP applies to a specific area (known as the Development Contribution Area or DCA).  The DCP Report for that area provides detail on what is being funded through the DCP, and provides a guideline on how much a landowner may need to pay in contributions towards the DCP, if they choose to develop their land.

When will the infrastructure be delivered?

The Shire is committed to delivering infrastructure in a timely manner to meet the needs of residents and the broader community. A timeline for commencement of each project funded through a DCP is included as an appendix in the DCP Report. The timelines are reviewed and updated, if necessary, at each annual review of the DCP Report.

The DCP is underpinned by the provisions of State Planning Policy 3.6, and is based upon equity and transparency, to ensure our community and the development industry can have full confidence in how funds are managed, and infrastructure provided.

Who makes a contribution under the DCP(s)?

Landowners who choose to subdivide/develop more than one single dwelling on an existing lot, or undertake new non-residential development, within a Development Contribution Area (DCA), will be required to make a contribution towards infrastructure which has been identified as necessary within the DCP(s).

The contributions are based on a “per lot/dwelling” basis for each additional residential lot/dwelling, or for a non-residential development it is based on the applicable metre squared area. The contribution value is proportionately calculated based on the total infrastructure cost of the DCP items, divided by the anticipated amount of new development within the DCP area (DCA).

Where new infrastructure is required to, in part, service the needs of the existing population, the Shire funds the component of infrastructure demand from existing dwellings/population, with the DCP funding the remainder of the cost.

Who will not make a contribution under the plan?

  • Landowners who choose not to subdivide or develop more than one single dwelling on an existing lot or create new non-residential development.
  • An existing vacant lot that is already created, and only has (or is planned to have) one single dwelling.
  • Land developed in an area that is not a designated DCP area.

Where can I find more information about a Development Contribution Plan?

For further information, please contact Strategic Planning Services on 9526 1111 or by email DevelopmentContributions@SJShire.wa.gov.au.

Alternatively, you can visit the Shire’s administration centre, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong, during office hours to meet with an officer (by appointment).