SJ’s fire mitigation flock get to work at Korribinjal Brook

Published on Thursday, 11 January 2024 at 9:13:26 AM

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s “fire mitigation flock” have taken on a new assignment and are now hard at work reducing the risk of bushfire at Korribinjal Brook East Reserve.

The fire mitigation flock is a dedicated task-force committed to ensuring our community is prepared for the threat of bushfire… and it’s made up entirely of sheep!

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Our Shire sheep are relentless in their mission to reduce fuel loads across SJ, with the Jarrahdale-based reserve near Millbrook their latest target following the installation of fencing at the site.

Funded through the State Government’s Mitigation Activity Fund, the fencing enabled our loyal livestock to carry out their vital work removing grassy weeds and tackling the overgrown areas of the reserve.

Gates have also been installed as part of the project to allow walkers continued access to the reserve.

Management of fuel loads in Korribinjal Brook Reserve is critical to the mitigation of fire risk for the surrounding properties and the adjoining Medulla Road which provides access to and from the estate.

Reducing the fuel load is a significant job given the steep terrain of the brook, with previous mitigation works consisting of Shire staff carrying out manual spraying and clearing.

Spearheaded by our fervent flock, this new approach is a vastly more efficient and cost-effective way of reducing risk in Korribinjal Brook.

While we’re in safe hands with our Shire sheep, reducing the risk of bushfire is up to all of us. Don’t pull the wool over your eyes, find out how you can best prepare for an emergency here.

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