New and Revised draft Local Planning Policies (Closed)

Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015

New and Revised Local Planning Policies

Council, at is Ordinary Council Meetings held on 18 November 2019 resolved to adopt the following draft Local Planning Policies for the purpose of public consultation:


New Draft Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Policy 2.2: Residential Development Standards (R25 – R60)


  • Promote the orderly and proper development of land in urban areas.
  • Provide the position of the local government in considering variations to State Planning Policy 7.3 Residential Design Codes Volume 1 (R-Codes) for residential development.
  • Ensure residential development is site responsive and achieves the desired built form outcome to enhance local character and place identity.
  • Ensure built form presents an interactive frontage to the streetscape facilitating passive surveillance, while maintaining open streetscapes reflective of rural character.
  • Ensure sufficient open space is provided to facilitate urban canopy and reduce urban heat island effect.
  • Enabling flexibility in design where it enhances residential amenity for occupiers.


Local Planning Policy 4.19 – Outbuildings, Sheds, Garden Sheds and Sea Containers


  • Ensure that the siting, design and scale of outbuildings/sheds are site responsive and respect the character of the locality.
  • Ensure that outbuildings/sheds do not have a detrimental visual impact which adversely affects the amenity of the surrounding area or that of adjoining landowners


Revised Draft Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Policy 4.7 – Placement of Fill


  • Ensure that the filling of land does not adversely impact on the amenity or environment of the locality in which it is being undertaken;
  • Ensure that drainage is appropriately managed;
  • Minimise environmental impacts on water resources and vegetation; and
  • Ensure visual impact is minimised on neighbouring properties and the streetscape.


Local Planning Policy 4.11 – Advertising.


  • The purpose of this Policy is to provide a planning framework for the appropriate development of signage on private and public land, to ensure that public safety is maintained and to ensure that the character and amenity of the area where signage may be proposed is maintained.
  • The Policy specifically identifies signage that is considered acceptable in particular zones as outlined under the Scheme and the acceptable development criteria that will be used to assess an application for signage where planning approval is required. The Policy also includes performance criteria, to be used for assessment where the acceptable development standards cannot be achieved.


The new and revised draft Local Planning Policies are available for public comment and are available to be viewed on this page or at the Shire’s administration building at 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday – Friday.

Should you wish to provide comment, please address your correspondence to 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong, WA  6169 or email prior to 14 February 2020. 

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