Planning and Building

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Find out what the Strategic and Statutory Planning teams are responsible for.  

Developments generally require some form of planning or building application.

Building permits are required for the construction of new buildings and structures including additions and alterations to existing buildings.

Planning tools used to provide better design control measures.

Structure Plans indicate how future growth is intended to occur. 

This strategy gives us a guide for planning and development within rural areas.

The Shire has adopted Local Planning Policies that supplement the Town Planning Scheme and regulate land uses in the local government area.

Our online mapping system allows you to view a range of maps of the area.

After construction, the developments are controlled by the subdivision developers for 1-2 years before the assets are taken over by the Shire.

A crossover is the access for vehicles to your property from the road.

A contribution arrangement for the provision of traditional infrastructure such as roads, public open space and drainage; and community infrastructure such as sporting facilities and libraries is currently being progressed.

Approximately 97% of our Shire has been designated bushfire prone as part of State Government reform. 

Swimming pool areas form a focal point of many families back gardens and provide families with hours of fun and enjoyment. As with many things though, there are responsibilities placed upon owners of pools and spas.

A Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent decision-making body comprised of technical experts and elected local government representatives. Joint Development Assessment Panels (JDAPs) are established to service two or more local governments.

The Activity Centres Strategy provides the framework for activity centres within the Shire.

The working group of Shire technical officers tasked with ensuring that development applications are determined in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with the assigned delegations.