Structure PlansLocal Structure Plans

Structure Plans indicate how future growth is intended to occur.

This page provides information on both currently operational and proposed structure plans. To find out whether a structure plan relates to a particular property, check with our online mapping tool.


District Structure Plans

District Structure Plans (DSPs) are prepared to provide broad level guidance for more detailed planning (including Local Structure Plans) and subdivision and development.

Within the Shire there are three operational DSPs:


 Draft District Structure Plans

Local Structure Plans

Local Structure Plans (LSPs) provide a much greater level of detail than DSPs, and are generally required prior to future subdivision and development.


Draft Local Structure Plans

These are LSPs that have been formally presented to Council and have been deemed satisfactory for public advertising and submissions. Please note that this is draft information, and that the Shire cannot guarantee that all relevant matters have been identified, nor take any responsibility for any actions or costs that you may incur from reliance on this information.

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