Planning and Development Act 2005 - Approved Local Planning Scheme Amendment

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale

Town Planning Scheme No. 2 – Complex Amendment No. 207

Notice is hereby given that final approval was granted by the Minister for Planning on 5 May 2021 and a notice was published in the Government Gazette on 4 June 2021.  This concludes the statutory process of the amendment, with the amendment now operative as part of Town Planning Scheme No. 2. This is specifically:

  1. Inserting Development Contribution Area 4 (DCA4) into Appendix 10;
  2. Inserting “Plan No. 10D – Community Infrastructure Development Contribution area – Byford” into Appendix 10;
  3. Inserting “Plan No. 10D – Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Area – Mundijong” into Appendix 10;
  4. Amending the Scheme Map to insert the DCA4 boundary and notation accordingly.

A supporting Development Contribution Plan (DCP) Report (No.1) is to be published within 90 days from the date of gazettal, and will provide all details on the operation and administration requirements of the DCP for DCA4. This includes contribution values and infrastructure timelines. This DCP Report (No.1) will be made available on the Shire website once adopted by Council, and updated at least annually.


Plans and documents setting out and explaining the scheme amendment, are available at the Shire’s administration building at 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong and are available for inspection during office hours between 8:30am and 5pm.

Details of this proposal can also be downloaded below:

Approval of Amendment 207

Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan Report Revision No. 1

Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan Report Revision No. 2

Statement of Income and Expenditure

Financial Year 2020 - 2021

Financial Year 2021 - 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

In December 2018, the Council initiated Amendment 207 for the purpose of introducing a development contribution framework. This amendment was approved and formally incorporated into the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme on 4 June 2021, which makes the provisions of the Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan (CIDCP) operative from that date.

The CIDCP has been developed under the framework of the State Government’s State Planning Policy 3.6, which guides the process of how development contributions for infrastructure are managed.

What is the Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan?

The Shire’s Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan acknowledges the fact that new residential development places additional pressure on existing community facilities, as well as generating the need for additional and expanded community facilities.

Through a shared partnership between Shire funding and developer contributions, the Shire can ensure necessary community infrastructure is provided at the right time and scale in response to growth occurring.

When will community infrastructure be delivered?

The Shire is committed to delivering community infrastructure in a timely manner to meet the needs of residents and the broader community. A timeline for commencement of each project funded by this CIDCP is included as an appendix in the CIDCP Report attached above. This timeline is reviewed and updated if necessary, at each annual review of the CIDCP Report.

The Shire’s proposal is based upon equity and transparency, to ensure our community and the development industry can have full confidence in how funds are managed and infrastructure provided.

Who makes a contribution under the plan?

Landowners who choose to subdivide/develop more than one single dwelling on an existing lot will be required to make a contribution towards a shared funding arrangement for community infrastructure which has been identified as necessary to meet our new community needs.

The contribution is based on a “per lot/dwelling” basis for each additional residential lot/dwelling. The “per lot/dwelling” value is proportionately calculated based on the total infrastructure cost included for in the CIDCP, divided by the forecast total number of new residential lots/dwellings in a particular area. 

The Shire currently funds the component of infrastructure demand from existing dwellings/population, and the contribution scheme (CIDCP) will fund the component of infrastructure demand, driven as a result of future growth.

Who will not make a contribution under the plan?

It will not apply to:

  • Landowners who choose not to subdivide or develop more than one single dwelling on an existing lot.
  • An existing vacant lot that is already created, and only has (or is planned to have) one single dwelling.
  • Areas which fall outside the designated CIDCP area - Development Contribution Area 4 (DCA4).

Where can I find more information about the Community Infrastructure Development Contribution Plan?

You can:

  • Phone us on 9526 1111
  • Email
  • Visit the Shire’s administration centre, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong, between 8.30am and 5pm and speak to an officer (subject to availability - a face to face meeting can be arranged via either of the above contact methods)