Mill history

A step back in time…

The first timber mill was built in Jarrahdale on the banks of Gooralong Creek in May 1872, in the area now rehabilitated as Langford Park.

By the mid-1880s, Jarrahdale was a flourishing town with an increasing population. The active community organised log chops and dances with musical entertainment becoming well established.

The town of Jarrahdale is no stranger to opera, with The Opera Bouffe Company paying two visits to Jarrahdale in 1885, playing two nights in Crock’s Hall. They returned in January 1886, with Mr Crock building a substantial theatre and music hall between visits.

Over the next 100 years, eighteen mills were built or rebuilt in the town. In 1949 the Number 1 Mill on the current site, was destroyed by fire but was quickly rebuilt and remained largely unchanged until its closing in 1997.