Mental Health Week 2021

Published on Saturday, 18 September 2021 at 3:00:00 PM

To promote how critical the early years are for lifelong brain development and functioning, learning, and wellbeing, the theme for Mental Health Week WA is: Mental health starts with our children.

To help raise awareness around mental health in our community and promote effective prevention strategies to keep people mentally healthy, there are a number of events being held in Serpentine Jarrahdale for Mental Health Week 2021, celebrated from 9 – 16 October.

  • Mental Health Week with guest speaker Sally Galvin: Tuesday 12 October, 10am at the Serpentine Jarrahdale CRC
  • Friend in Need Workshop facilitated by Anglicare WA: Wednesday, 13 October, 6pm online via Zoom.
  • Mindfulness for Mental Health Week with practitioner Tosh from Restful Waters Wellness and Consciousness Centre: Friday, 15 October, 10am at the Serpentine Jarrahdale CRC

For more information and to book your spot, click here.


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