Raising Confident, Competent Children (Triple P Seminar)

Past Event

All sessions will take place at West Byford Primary School in the Library. You can book your free place to one, two, or all three sessions now by searching for them by location at: www.triplep-parenting.net.au/wa. This session is available at www.triplep-parenting.net.au/au-uken/find-help/find-a-session/2021-02-16/seminar/raising-confident-competent-children/108692/. *No child-minding available, and it is recommended that children are not brought along to the sessions.

Event Details

Time: 6pm-8pm

Venue: West Byford Primary School, 101 Kardan Blvd, Byford


Contact: Brittany McCarthy

Organisation: Department of Education

Position: School Psychologist

Phone: 0437 548 706

Email: brittany.mccarthy@education.wa.edu.au

Website: www.triplep-parenting.net.au/au-uken/find-help/find-a-session/2021-02-16/seminar/raising-confident-competent-children/108692/

Event Date(s)

  • Tuesday 16th February 2021

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