Cr Lauren Strange

Term Expiry: October 2023

After more than 20-years working in government in the areas of planning and land development (in WA as well as overseas), Cr Strange was elected to Council in October 2019.

Since her return from the United Kingdom just over a decade ago, her employment with the State Government’s former land developer, LandCorp, has involved the delivery of exceptional urban and regional development outcomes for the Western Australian community.

Cr Strange resigned from LandCorp in July 2019, to pursue her interest in Equine Assisted Learning and election to Council.

Committed to achieving optimal results for the community, Cr Strange approaches her responsibilities with an emphasis on achieving social value and integrated outcomes.

Her technical expertise in town planning and project management is supplemented by skills in lateral and adaptive thinking, strategy formulation and effective communication.

Excited by the challenge her new role presents, Cr Strange is looking forward to working with the Shire’s other councillors, its Administration and the broader community to ensure growth is managed well so that both our existing and future communities can flourish.

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