Shire Citizenship Ceremonies

The final step in the journey to become an Australian Citizen, for most people, is to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge at an Australian Citizenship Ceremony.

Once the Department of Home Affairs has approved your application, you will be invited to attend a ceremony here at the Shire.

Citizenship ceremonies are held approximately every two months, with a special ceremony held every year during our Australia Day celebrations on 26 January.

New citizens are welcome to bring close family and friends to the ceremony to enjoy your naturalisation. Ceremonies take approximately 30 minutes.

Conferees may choose between two versions of the Pledge, one that mentions God and one that does not.

When arriving for your ceremony, we request that you complete an enrolment form for the Australian Electoral Commission, so you are eligible to vote.

Light refreshments are served following the ceremony, allowing our newest citizens to meet our Councillors and fellow community members.

More information

Information about the Australian Citizenship pledge

Australian Electoral Commission – Enrolment FAQs


Please contact Zorica Mitchell, Civic Events Officer regarding citizenship ceremonies on 9526 1374 or via