Off-leash dog exercise areas (Closed)

The Shire has one designated off-leash dog exercise area (Byford Bark Park), and one which is time limited (Bill Hicks Reserve, daily between 5am and 9am only).

We are seeking community feedback to help guide us in the future planning and management of designated off-leash dog exercise areas within the Shire.

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Consultation opens Thursday, 15 October and closes at 5pm, Thursday, 29 October.


Why is the Shire conducting this survey?

The Shire would like to obtain community input to assist in further planning for off leash dog exercise areas.

What is an off leash dog area?

An off leash dog area is a location where dogs are able to play, exercise and socialise leash free with other dogs and visitors to the area. Off leash dog areas may include seating, water, dog waste bins and shaded areas.

Are dogs permitted to run “uncontrolled” within an off lead dog exercise area?

All dogs exercising within an off lead dog exercise area should be under the control of a responsible person, and should be responsive to voice, whistle or hand signal controls.

Positive control of any dog within an off lead dog exercise area is needed to be maintained as to prevent incidents from occurring, which includes dogs defensive behaviour reacting to nuisance or charging behaviour of other dogs.

Where are the Shire’s existing off leash dog exercise areas?

The Byford Bark Park is located on Larsen Road in Byford.

Bill Hicks Reserve on Plaistowe Boulevard in Byford is an off leash dog exercise area between the hours of 5am and 9am.

Why is there only two off leash dog areas in the Shire’s and they are both located in Byford?

Byford has the highest number of registered dogs within the Shire and the greatest demand for off leash dog exercise areas is in Byford. Additionally, Byford has a significantly higher population than other suburbs within the Shire. This survey is interested however in exploring demand in other areas of the Shire also.

Why aren’t all parks off leash dog areas?

Allowing off leash dog exercise in certain areas can create conflict. Dog exercise areas are generally not located within areas designated for organised sport as there is potential for conflict between those using the facility as a dog exercise area and those using the facility for sporting purposes.

What will the surveys be used for?

The survey information will be presented to Council for future consideration and to assist in ongoing planning for infrastructure.

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