Jandakot Regional Park and Modong Reserve

Access from Anketell Road and Pony Place, Oakford in the North and King Road and Orton Road in the South.

Jandakot Regional Park is a collection of small to large reserves that together cover almost 3000ha of land with a large section of the park contained in Oakford near Pony Place, Oakford. The park also links onto the Shire-managed Oakford Reserve and Modong Reserves. Although surrounded by suburban developments and rural lots, the park supports diverse plant and animal communities.

Jandakot Regional Park also has numerous bridle trails (featured in the map) that meander through the park through a range of intriguing landscapes including banksia woodland and wetland plants.


For more information go to https://parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au/park/jandakot


Below is a selection of flora found throughout the Shire. Photos by Vanessa Slater.