Natural Asset Sustainability

The Shire has an abundance of natural assets, including water, air, land and biodiversity.

Some of our environmental strategies include:

  • In conjunction with the Rivers Regional Group, we are looking to put in place an alternative waste facility.
  • We are exploring the options of including Solar Farms in our new Local Planning Strategy and Town Planning Scheme.
  • In the construction of roads, we are investigating crushing our concrete waste stockpile for use as recycled crushed concrete in the road base.
  • Natural recreational walking, cycling and equestrian trails are being developed and managed by the Shire through the Trails Group and community awareness education and behavioural change is happening with our extension services Landcare SJ and the Switch your thinking Program.
  • Community environmental projects being undertaken collaboratively with Landcare SJ including reserve planting and the installation of Cockatubes, and our parks are being enhanced with barbecues, shelters and more footpaths as the Shire develops.
  • Bushfire prevention and control is always paramount and low flammability plant lists have been developed and listed on our website.
  • A Climate Change Strategy and Local Action Plan has been developed consistent with Federal and State Government documents.

Natural Assets Management Plan

The Natural Assets Management Plan demonstrates responsible management funding requirements for managing the Shire’s natural assets.

The Plan addresses management of the Shire’s natural reserves and street trees, and strategies to manage water use (including Water Wise Council Accreditation) and air pollution (including greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and waste management).

Please download the plan here:

Natural Assets Management Plan 2016