Community Perceptions Survey 2018 Results

Residents had the opportunity to provide feedback on the level of services, activities and facilities available in the Shire.Community Perceptions Survey

Community survey to shape Shire going forward

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale would like to thank residents who participated in the 2018 Community Perceptions Survey.

The Community Perceptions Survey provides an overview of our performance in service delivery and gives council additional community feedback to consider in the delivery of the Strategic Community Plan.

Overwhelmingly, residents like the Shire as a place to live, rating it 70/100. This is up 6 points since 2013, but 7 points below the industry standard. As a governing organisation, we rated 43/100. 

The ‘Overall Performance Index Score’ is a combined measure of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale as a ‘place to live’ and as a ‘governing organisation’.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale’s overall performance index score is 57 out of 100, 9 index points below the industry standard for Western Australia.

What areas did the Shire rate well in?

The Shire’s strongest performing service areas were;

  • Natural disaster (bushfire) prevention
  • Weekly rubbish collection
  • Fortnightly recycle collection
  • Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre

What are the areas for improvement?

The seven key areas that respondents would like the Shire to focus on going forward included:

  • Local roads and traffic, with a particular focus on improving road surfaces across the Shire and reducing congestion in and around the Byford Town Centre.
  • Value for money from Council rates.
  • Footpaths, trails and cycle ways across the Shire to increase connectivity, improve safety and encourage an active community.
  • An increase in playgrounds, parks and reserves, introducing dog exercise areas and installing more play equipment and facilities.
  • Access to public transport, especially the extension of the Armadale train line and more bus services.
  • Streetscapes, by beautifying suburb entrances and increasing verge maintenance.
  • Safety and security, including more police, security patrols and other preventative measures.

What will the Shire do with the feedback?

The outcomes of the survey, in particular the seven key areas for improvement, will provide Council with guidance as to the current priorities of the community and what the organisation needs to focus on going forward. A number of initiatives and changes are already in place to bring about positive improvements in service provision to the community while the results will inform the minor strategic review of the Strategic Community Plan, which will be done in the first half of this year.

How can I view the survey results?

Residents can download a copy of the Community Perceptions Survey 2018 results below.

Community Perceptions Survey 2018 - MARKYT Community Scorecard

You can view the results of previous surveys on the link below.