SJ Real Choices

Help prioritise our work program with SJ Real Choices - our innovative 'open the books' process.

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SJ Real Choices Engagement Portal

Use the link below to visit the SJ Real Choices Engagement Portal and get involved in the discussion.

SJ Real Choices

Help prioritise our work program with SJ Real Choices - our innovative 'open the books' process.

Through a community visioning process, SJ 2050 the Shire has developed a road map to guide future projects. Previous consultation has given a clear indication of the services valued by the community and projects that spark community interest, but we can’t afford it all.

Setting priorities is the next key step in developing our future program. We want to invite you to help us prioritise a medium-term work program that is affordable and that you can have confidence in through our innovative ‘open the books’ process.

Come along to one – or all – of the open community workshops. We encourage you to come to the closest workshop to you, however if you can’t attend this one, please come along to one of the others.


9 March

Eric Senior Pavilion


7pm - 9.30pm

15 March

Byford Hall


7pm - 9.30pm

23 March

Mundijong Pavilion


7pm - 9.30pm

We will also be holding a sausage sizzle at the Shire wide workshop (details below), where you can get to know your community and have a chat about what's important to you.


19 March

Clem Kentish Hall


10am - 12.30pm

SJ Real Choices is just one of the ways we are looking outside of the box. Your time and support is appreciated as we work together for a bright future.

SJ 2050

Our community shaped this vision through many hours of deliberation, consultation and input from the broader community.

Nine important outcomes have been established to improve our quality of life and create a long-term, shared vision in alignment with people, place and prosperity. These are:

  • Well-being
  • Connected communities
  • Education
  • Housing and development
  • Transport
  • History and heritage
  • Economic development
  • Agriculture
  • Natural environment

SJ 2050 will guide our planning under the Local Government Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and will support the Shire’s other strategic documents including the Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, Local Planning Strategy, the annual budgeting process and planning for community facilities.


  • SJ 2050 Video

Community Perceptions Survey

The Community Perceptions Survey was recently undertaken to monitor the satisfaction levels of residents on the services and facilities provided by the Shire. The Shire uses these results to evaluate its priorities and programs.

What you said we do well:

  • Public facilities including sports clubs, Library, Recreation Centre and community halls
  • Waste disposal
  • Public areas
  • Bush fire prevention and control
  • Local history and heritage
  • Conservation and environmental management

What you want us to focus on:

  • Roads, footpaths and cycleways
  • Fees for other services being fair and reasonable; and rates being fair and reasonable
  • Our reputation

Community Panel

A statistically valid, representative panel of around 30 community members have been recruited by Thinkfield, a professional market research company. This panel will work through the medium-term work program and budget over a series of four workshops including 2 Wednesday evenings and 2 full Saturdays. This panel will discuss similar topics to the open community workshops and what’s discussed in this online forum in more detail.

Panellists will receive an incentive payment of $250 in recognition of the significant time and work involved and each panellist will also go in the draw for a dinner for two at Millbrook Winery.

Details About the Workshops

We know you may be racing from work, but don’t worry we’ll have light refreshments available at the evening workshops and a sausage sizzle for the Sunday morning workshop.

The facilitator for the workshops will be Alison Dalziel from Localise, who is the lead consultant in this process for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

These won't be boring meetings we promise. They will be interactive exercise based workshops where we welcome your feedback and involvement. Everyone will have a chance to have their say.

The workshops will go through the services that the Shire provides and give an overview of the costs - not just now but for the long term. We will look at the implications of a rapidly expanding population, then we will consider the priorities going forward.

These workshops are open to all residents and ratepayers in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

You don’t have to register to attend, just come along.

Your time and support is appreciated as we work together for a bright future.