What is Shaping SJ?

Everything that you need to know about Development Strategies and how they will help 'shape' SJ.

Image of a road in Serpentine Jarrahdale with Shaping SJ overlay

Local Development Strategies include two main elements, a statutory land use planning document and an informing strategy. Under the ‘Planning and Development Act 2005’ and the ‘Local Government Act 1995’. A Development Strategy aims to integrate these two documents so that the functions of the private sector and the roles of the Local Government (Shire) result in the most efficient and liveable places.

To achieve this the Local Development Strategy will consider environmental, heritage and other opportunities and constraints in a review of the existing Town and Local Government planning.

The Local Development Strategies will, therefore, outline what the appropriate land uses are within each of the settlements and what transport, utility infrastructure and services are required for a vibrant and efficient town.

The private sector will be primarily responsible for delivering the land uses, the related transport and infrastructure services in line with this plan.

To facilitate and coordinate the delivery of, particularly the major transport and drainage infrastructure the Local Development Strategy will also include a Development Contribution Plan that will apportion the relevant cost equitability to the Developers.

The second part of the Local Development Strategy will focus on areas where the Local Government is responsible for delivering facilities and services. The Local Development Strategy will include concept plans that outline the preferred locations of propose facilities and services or the proposed upgrading or modification of current facilities. These concept plans will also confer to an extent the relevant or the likely uses of these facilities and the services required to activate and ensure the level of use is appropriate.

In order to pay for some of these facilities, it is proposed that the Developer Contribution Plan will be prepared to facilitate contributions towards eligible facilities. The shire is embarking on a Community Engagement process that will span over 6 months which seeks the community’s in put into Shaping SJ.

Each Development Strategy will primarily consist of:

  • Structure Plan (SP)
  • Development Contribution Scheme (DCS)
  • Development Contribution Plan (DCP)
  • Concept Development Plans (CDP)
  • Precinct Plans

Shaping SJ is a project that initially involves the preparation and delivery of individual Development Strategies for the four locales of:

  • Byford
  • Mundijong
  • Serpentine
  • Darling Range / Jarrahdale

Development Strategies are also planned to be prepared in financial year 18/19 for the four locales of:

  • Hopeland
  • Keysbrook
  • Oakford
  • Oldbury
  • Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Development Strategy Boundaries

    Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Development Strategy Boundaries

The project will review all current structure plans, contribution plans and other supporting documents for the four locales and provide a suite of Development Strategies that align with:

  • SJ2050 (community aspirations)
  • SJ Real Choices (community needs)
  • Strategic Community Plan 2017 – 2027
  • Corporate Business Plan 2017 – 2027
  • State Planning Framework
  • Local Planning Framework
  • Local Planning Strategy
  • Community Consultations Model

    Previous community consultations, where are we now?