Project timeline

Our project timeline will give you a roadmap for our Development Strategy process.

Image of a calendar with the Shaping SJ overlay

 December 2017 - March 2018

The community consultation process for Shaping SJ will kick off on the 13 December through ten online surveys that seek community responses with regards to users preferences. In other words, we would like to know how you like to use or would like to use transport, parks, footpaths , trails, facilities etc.

☐ January - March 2018

The second part of the process, will see the Shire and Hames Sharley (consultants), undertake key stakeholder meetings that have the potential to, through their development or actions, shape parts of SJ themselves.

☐ February - March 2018

The Shire and Hames Sharley (consultants) will undertake public workshops with each community. During these workshops the base maps (based on existing proposals and endorsed plans) will be presented and workshopped with the community and new ideas and input coaxed reflective of the draft online survey results.

☐ April 2018

Following the community workshops the Shire and Hames Sharley (consultants) will collate all inputs to finalise draft land use, infrastructure, facilities and services into plans which will be presented to Council for adoption prior to going out for formal advertising. 

The draft concept plans, land use plans and development contribution plans will be presented to Council for adoption to go out to formal advertising.

☐ May - June 2018

During the formal advertising period the Community at large will be asked to make submissions and comments on the relevant plans and proposals before these are finalised and adopted by Council in July 2018.

The formal advertising of the plans will include an online interactive map that will allow people to provide comments regarding specific proposals and also allow submissions on the overall documents in general.

☐ June - July 2018

The outcomes of the formal advertising is collated and presented to Council for adoption.