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  • Q. What is a Structure Plan (SP)?

    Structure plan means a plan for the coordination of future subdivision and zoning of an area of land.

  • Q. What is a Development Contribution Scheme (DCS)?

    A DCS establishes clear Development Contribution Areas (DCA), to determine the appropriate proportional contribution towards common district level infrastructure, based on the principles contained within State Planning Policy No. 3.6 – Development Contribution for Infrastructure (SPP3.6).

  • Q. What is a Development Contribution Plan (DCP)?

    When people develop land this plan will require them to contribute to the need for new or upgraded infrastructure. A Development Contributions Plan (DCP) is used to collect payments towards the provision of infrastructure triggered by new development.

    The payments received assist with the cost of providing roads, drainage, open space and community infrastructure required to accommodate the needs of a growing population. This offsets the contribution paid from rates income.

  • Q. What is a Concept Development Plan (CDP)?

    A CDP integrates all previous planning frameworks, guidelines, plans and rationale into one plan that is an informal framework for the identification of specific projects and facilities required for placemaking. 

  • Q. What is a Precinct Plan?

    Precinct plans are required to identify appropriate development standards and design principles for areas that are deemed to have a special purpose, character or significance.

    The Precinct Plans will include:

    • Infrastructure requirements
    • Establish urban design guidelines
    • Specify land uses to support place-making
  • Q. How long are the strategies for? When will they be revisited?

    A. A Local Development Strategy will be valid for a period of ten years from date of approval to align with the state planning policies for structure plans and development contributions; planning documents that form the heart of the Local Development Strategies. The strategies will be revisited every four or five years to ensure that they are aligned to the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027. The exact timeframe will depend on the pace of development and the success of the strategies to get the projects implemented.

  • Q. Why isn’t there a development strategy for each locality? Has my locality been absorbed?

    A. The Local Development Strategy boundaries generally align with the main residential areas in the Shire where community facilities are concentrated. The next step is to draft Local Development Strategies for Oakford/Oldbury and Hopeland/Keysbrook. All the localities will remain as cadastral entities as in the past and will not be “absorbed”. The rationale for the locales is purely planning related, to ensure that the planning and funding can be coordinated at a manageable level of detail.

  • Q. What is a development strategy and what will it mean for me?

    A. A Local Development Strategy is essentially a business plan for the area. It will show where the various land uses and facilities will be established by the private sector and developers. It shows the key infrastructure that the Shire will lobby State and Federal government for. It also shows how and where the Shire intends to provide community facilities on the properties it administers and how it will fund these facilities. It does this within the State and local planning framework and the Shire’s own award winning vision SJ2050. The Shire will use this document to provide the rationale for funding requests (grants) to State and Federal agencies and lobbying for key infrastructure within the areas identified. It functions as a petition of sorts, allowing officers and Councilors to lobby and advocate for this infrastructure knowing that residents and businesses support the projects and overall vision.

  • Q. What will be the outcomes of this process?

    A. The outcomes of the process will be four business cases with maps and text that Council will use to lobby for grant funding. It will consist of a component that shows the proposed land uses and infrastructure (structure plan), maps that indicate how the Shire (and community) want to develop the land user the management of the Council (precinct plans) and an implementation plan with costs (development contributions plan) that shows how the Shire will attempt to fund the development of the Local Development Plan areas.