Notice for Glades Residents

Public notice from The Glades at Byford.

Closed: 31 December 2018 12:00am

Many local residents will have already received a letterbox drop advising them of the following (or will do over the coming days), but we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the following project being undertaken in our Village Centre.

Unfortunately, two non-native and feral fish species have been found in Lake Allambee at The Glades at Byford – Pearl Cichlid and Mosquitofish.

These fish are a threat to the local environment, not only within The Glades but also the Serpentine River catchment. As such, we need to eradicate them.

To do this, Lake Allambee will be lowered to a depth of 1m in the week commencing Monday 19th November. The water pumped from the lake will be used for irrigation purposes, so no water will go to waste.

Rotenone will then be dispersed within the lake over the lake to kill the noxious fish on Tuesday 27 November 2018. Rotenone is an insecticide designed specifically for the elimination of feral fish and decomposes rapidly in light and in the air, so will not impact the surrounding soil or groundwater in any way. It will also have no impact on nearby persons and no long-term impact on the environment or any other birds or animals.

The dead fish will then be scooped from the lake with hand nets and disposed of at the Red Hill Waste Management Facility. The lake will remain untouched for a period of 7 days and will be surveyed again to catch any fish that remain present. The lake will then be refilled used groundwater.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development is aware of this eradication plan and has provided input. It will be undertaken by qualified contractors and a temporary fence will be erected at the northern and western boundaries of the lake and signage also placed at all entry points to the lake.

It is likely these fish have been released into the lake by people, who perhaps did not realise the impact they would have on the local environment. We will ensure signage is placed around Lake Allambee going forward specifically reminding people not to release any fish or feed wildlife in the lake to prevent future harm to the ecosystem.

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact Kelli Howell, The Glades at Byford Project Manager on 08 9525 0414.