Advice to Pig & Livestock owners

Public Notice.

Regardless of whether you are a large scale pig producer or you have a pet pig in your backyard, you need to keep your animals healthy, and this includes providing them with good food that is safe.

Pigs must not be fed meat or any other mammalian food containing meat or food which has been in contact with meat – unless specifically excluded under the National Prohibited Pig Feed Definition. This is known as swill feeding, and it is prohibited in Australia because of its potential to introduce serious animal diseases like ASF and FMD. For more information, please refer to resources on Farm Biosecurity on feeding your pigs and swill feeding laws that apply to your state or territory.

There are a number of other practices pig owners and producers should implement to protect their animals. The National Farm Biosecurity Manual for Pork Production contains information and specific procedures for all pig farmers to follow to help reduce the risk of disease entering a property, spreading through livestock and/or being passed to surrounding livestock operations. If you would like further guidance about caring for your pigs, contact the national peak body for pigs, Australian Pork Limited, on 1800 789 099.

FMD not only affects pigs but other cloven-hoofed animals including cattle, buffalo, camels, sheep, goats, and deer. More information on FMD for livestock owners is available on our webpage: Foot-and-mouth disease.

Producers and all livestock owners are urged to consider their biosecurity arrangements, including the risks from overseas visitors and workers returning from overseas. Producers should follow accepted good biosecurity practices (including entry controls and protocols, hygiene requirements, and visitor logs) and review those covering stock transport. It is also timely to undertake additional staff training to ensure a good understanding of biosecurity arrangements. If you don’t have these measures in place visit Farm Biosecurity to see how this can be applied to your farm, or contact your peak industry body.

If you see signs of disease consistent with ASF in domestic or feral pigs or FMD in cloven hoofed animals, contact your veterinarian and/or phone the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888 immediately.  This will put you in touch with your state or territory animal health authority.  Suspect cases of ASF and FMD must be reported to animal health authorities