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Closed: 2 December 2019 12:00pm

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The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale comprises six bushfire brigades, with 350 plus members, 260 to 280 of which are active members serving to protect our community in respect of bushfire risk. The Shire’s brigades are the ‘000’ first point of response, to fire incidents within the Shire.

The Shire also comprises one of the highest bush fire risk profiles in metropolitan Perth, with 97% of the Shire bushfire prone. The Shire comprises a broad collection of landscapes, different risk profiles, and emerging demands especially in respect of more complex firefighting capabilities.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Commissioner has met the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and offered a joint Community Emergency Services Manager (CESM) resource. Further information about the CESM is available in the FAQs below.

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  • What is a CESM?

    The role of a CESM represents a joint resource between Local Government and DFES to deliver emergency services functions with particular focus to:

    • Deliver coordinated prevention programs to reduce the incidence of emergencies and improve the level of safety in the community;

    • Operate to a consistent set of protocols and equipment standards;

    • Provide efficient systems of communication between organisations at all levels to improve service delivery outcomes;

    • Promote and support volunteer organisational arrangements that combine the spirit of volunteerism to attract and retain members;

    • Provide and or coordinate the level of training to personnel, to ensure the competencies are appropriate to the risk level of emergencies to which volunteers will be required to respond

    • Develop a partnership that will see a best practice approach to emergency service delivery implemented between the Shire and DFES; and

    • Enhance community ownership of fire prevention and preparedness programs and activities.

    These functions have an alignment to the implementation of preparedness, prevention, response and recovery. The role is also focused on forming a closer relationship between Local Government and DFES, with this based on an equal standing to share the CESM resource and determine how what the priorities of the role ought to be.

  • Who funds the role of the CESM?

    The financial arrangements that underpin the funding of a shared CESM resource will be defined, if Council endorses the establishment of the CESM position. This will include the shared costs of salary, vehicle and other operating equipment. It should be noted that if the Shire proceeded to recruit the current Manager role and not consider the opportunity for a CESM, the Shire would be funding that role entirely from its funds. A CESM role benefits from a 50% cost split.

  • Who is the Shire engaging about the CESM role?

    At its November Ordinary Council Meeting, the Council approved formal engagement with the following stakeholders about the establishment of a CESM:

    • The Shire’s Acting Chief Bush Fire Control Officer;
    • Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officers;
    • Bush Fire Brigade Captains;
    • Bush Fire Brigade volunteers; and
    • Broader community.
  • Who will make the final decision on whether the Shire establishes the CESM role?

    Following stakeholder engagement, a report will be presented to Council in December 2019, where the Council will make a decision on whether or not to proceed with the offer from DFES to establish a CESM role at the Shire.