Ageing Well Strategy

How can we better plan for people to be able to maintain a high quality of life, as they grow older?

Ageing Well in SJ

Why are we doing an Ageing Well Strategy?

The Ageing Well Strategy and it’s accompanying Action Plan aims to;

  • Identify strategies and priority actions for Council over the next 5 years.
  • Identity specific services, infrastructure and programs that will support healthy ageing and meet community needs.
  • Identify areas of advocacy that Council can undertake on behalf of the community.
  • Assist Council to work effectively with the community and its key partners to achieve an age-friendly future for the Shire.

The strategy will consider the 8 themes of the World Health Organisation’s Global Age Friendly Cities Checklist;

  1. Outdoor spaces and buildings
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Social participation
  5. Respect and social inclusion
  6. Civic participation and employment
  7. Communication and information
  8. Community and health services

How your thoughts have helped

We engaged independent consultants Creating Communities who conducted an extensive community engagement process, including a community survey and community forums in early October.

We'd like to thank you for taking the time to participate in these sessions and the survey. We are now collating the information, which will form our Ageing Well Strategy and Action Plan. We expect these documents to go to Council for endorsement in early 2019.