Gift Register

A record of the disclosure of gifts accepted by a 'relevant person'.

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As of 4 March 2016, The Local Government Act 1995 requires a 'relevant person' who accepts a gift worth more than $200, to disclose this gift, in writing, to the Chief Executive Officer within 10 days of receipt. All contributions to travel over $200 must also be disclosed, as do multiple gifts or contributions from the same donor where the total value is over $200.

A 'relevant person' is defined under section 5.74 of the Local Government Act as a person who is a Council member or a designated employee which includes:

  • Mayors
  • Presidents
  • Council Members
  • The Chief Executive Officer 
  • Employee to whom any power or duty has been delegated under Part 5, Division 4 of the Act
  • Employee who is a member of a committee comprising council members and employees
  • Other employees as nominated by the local government to be a designated employee

The Chief Executive Officer is required to keep a record of the disclosures by way of a register, which is to be published on the Shire's website, as well as made available for public inspection at the Shire's Administration Building.