Council Policies

Policies are adopted by the Council to provide guiding principles for use during the decision making process.

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A Complete Policy Manual is contained below which includes all Council Polices.

If you know the Policy you are looking for you can use the find on this page field above to locate an individual Policy, alternatively scroll through the list to find the one you need.

Council often reviews and amends Council Policies in line with evolving community needs.​​

Complete Council Policy Manual

Individual Council Policies

1.0 Council

1.1 Chief Executive Officer

1.1.7 Blank

1.2 Executive Support


1.3 Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing

1.3.1 Blank

1.4 Human Resources

2.0 Infrastructure Services

2.1 Infrastructure and Design

2.2 Subdivisions

2.3 Operations

3.0 Corporate Services

3.1 Information Communication Technology


3.2 Financial Services

3.2.2 Blank
3.2.8 Blank
3.2.9 Blank

3.3 Corporate Services

4.0 Development Services

Local Planning Policies adopted under the Shire's Town Planning Scheme No. 2 are available HERE.

4.1 Statutory Planning and Compliance

4.1.4 Blank

4.2 Strategic Planning


4.3 Building Services


4.4 Environmental Health

4.5 Rangers and Emergency

5.0 Community Services / Deputy CEO

5.1 Strategic Community Planning

5.2 Community Services

    5.3 Library Services