2017 Candidate Profiles

Details of the candidates for the 2017 Local Government Election.

Be a Vocal Local
Nominations closed at 4pm on Thursday 14 September 2017.

Profiles are ordered as per the official ballot paper draw which was conducted at 4.30pm on Thursday 14 September 2017.

Candidate profiles are in the format provided to and accepted by the Returning Officer and can also be viewed at the Shire Administration Centre.

Candidate profiles can also be viewed on the West Australian Electoral Commission website.

Returning Officer Contact Details

North Ward Candidates

Vacancies (2) Councillors

Expiry of term 16 October 2021

  • Timothy PIIPPONEN

    Candidate Profile Photograph Timothy PIIPPONEN2

    My name is Timothy Piipponen, I am a disability support worker and love helping people in need. I am passionate and honest. I would not take being your representative for granted. Like yourself my family and I have been living in the fastest growing shire in Australia and am looking forward to seeing positive outcomes for our wonderful community. I believe that an effective local government needs to address issues immediately, such as rate rises, parking strategies for schools to ensure safe and easy pickup and roads to meet safety standards. We need a CCTV plan to hold criminals accountable and deliver a structured youth plan for Byford. Presently young people are drastically under represented in our local government. Use your vote to see a balanced representation this local election.

    Mobile: 0422 373 073

    Postal Address: 7 Wakeham St, Byford 6122


  • Shaye L MACK

    Candidate Profile Photograph Shaye L MACK2

    My name is Shaye Mack and I will be your approachable voice in Council. My wife and I have lived in Byford for the last 6 years after we purchased our first home in the Glades. We have since welcomed our daughter and puppy into our family. I hold high family values and would like to help build a strong, friendly community in which to bring up our children. If elected I would like to bring more transparency to Council, retain the country feel and upgrade our road network starting with Abernethy Road. I will also ask the question of why we have had consecutive budget surpluses yet our rates have continued to increase. Most importantly I will listen to everyone in the community and present their issues to Council and try to find a resolution.

    Postal Address: 40 Nettleton Rd, Byford 6122


    Social Network Address: Shaye L Mack for SJ Shire

  • Rob COALES

    Candidate Profile Photograph Rob COALES2

    My name is Rob Coales. I am motivated to ensure the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale maintains the country feel with city convenience. I live with my wife and children in Byford and work as a Police Sergeant with Youth at Risk. I am also a Major in the Army Reserves. I’ve served Australia overseas and I possess the skills, knowledge and discipline to represent the residents of Byford. Our community needs prudent financial management, better roads, better services and activities for youth. Working collaboratively with Neighbourhood Watch, WA Police and the community, I will build a better Byford. I act with honesty, integrity and accountability to ensure your concerns are listened to and acted on. Don't let the importance of your local Shire escape you. Vote for a change, vote for a strong voice. Vote for a community leader that won't take you for granted and will fight for you.

    Mobile: 0425 031 976


    Social Network Address: @CoalesForCouncil

  • Sunny SINGH

    Candidate Profile Photograph Sunny SINGH2

    My name is Sukhwinder Singh (Sunny), I live in Byford with my family and I am a proud father of two young kids. I am a qualified High School Teacher and for last eight years I have worked for various Local Governments in variety of roles. I have thorough understanding of Local Government operations and I want to draw upon my experience as a teacher and working for the Local Government to make Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale the best place to live, work & invest. If I am elected I would work for all the residents of Byford to ensure that we all get value for money and the Shire’s resources are best utilised for the community’s benefit. I would also like to ensure that Byford has the best sporting and recreation facilities to cater for the demands of young families. Together we can make the difference.

    Mobile: 0433 906 124


  • Sandra HAWKINS

    Candidate Profile Photograph Sandra HAWKINS2

    I have three independent children and have lived in Byford for over 40 years. I understand how important business is in the shire having worked,owned and managed facets of the Equine Industry. My past experience as a shire Councillor gaining a Diploma in Local Government, involvement on many committees within council has provided me with an in-depth knowledge of all the requirements to run a multi million dollar business as our shire is. My re-election onto this wonderful shire I will be able to continue in the representation of the ratepayers with their views and issues that arise. I am committed to supporting the continual growth but maintaining the green belts between Byford/Mundijong/Serpentine.The facilitating the building of Aged Care facilities at all levels for our residents in our shire which we lack. Above all we need Stability & Continuity on the shire Council.

    Home: 9525 1247



    Candidate Profile Photograph Brian WILLIAMSON2

    For several years I have been a regular at council meetings, experiencing firsthand how ratepayers are treated by our council, it must stop. There is only one way we can truly maintain democracy and that is to constantly exercise our Free Speech and make those that govern us Accountable. To do this we need Transparency in our local government. I have seen farmland that paid a few hundred dollars in rates turn into thousands of small blocks paying millions between them and what benefit has there been for us the ratepayer? None. Poor management and greed had seen our council waste it. I stand for Free Speech, Transparency and Accountability. I will bring back good financial management, delivering us better roads, better services for the aged, disabled and activities for our youth. When young people feel engaged crime drops. We all deserve an SJ we can be proud of.

    Mobile: 0418 959 697


    Social Network Address:

  • Matthew HENDRY

    Candidate Profile Photograph Matthew HENDRY2

    As a young family, we chose Byford to build our family home as we loved the semi rural feel, the vibrant changing dynamic of the community, choice of schools and recreation, along with the future opportunities. I have owned a distribution business for the last ten years employing ten people, prior to that I was in retail management. I now believe it is time for me to give back to my community and would be honoured to be the voice of young families in our growing suburb. I believe in open, honest government, that represents the views of all residents in the shire, and above all pledge to be a representative for Byford. I will champion opening council meetings to everyone, advocate monthly green waste bin collections and skip bin availability to all residents in place of bulk rubbish collection.

    Mobile: 0404 154 542


    Social Network Address:

  • Bill DENHOLM

    Candidate Profile Photograph Bill DENHOLM2

    My family have lived in Byford for the past 45 years. My wife and I have five children who have attended local schools including Byford Primary, Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar and Byford Secondary College. I am a small business owner/operator and have volunteered for many years with multiple sporting clubs, school committee’s and community groups. We want open accountable governance, honest transparent financial management, open communication with Councillors leading by example. We need jobs for our youth through economically sustainable business development. With the growth in SJ we need well planned facilities and services for all age groups of our community to provide a sense of security and belonging. We need to build strong polices that protect the environment, lifestyle, character and history of SJ that we love and to accommodate the development needed to support the shire into the future. I need your support to help make a difference.

    Mobile: 0401 691 380


  • John ERREN

    Candidate Profile Photograph John ERREN2

    I ask to be re-elected as councillor for North Ward. I bring a wealth of experience, leadership and understanding to the role of councillor. It is now time to support consistent strong leadership. In the last 10 years SJ has had 5 Presidents, 25 Councillors, 3 CEOs and 10 Executives, creating turmoil in an organisation that has lost all its corporate history. SJ needs a strong voice to deliver the services and outcomes SJ deserves. I have worked with Community, Police, Schools, State and Federal Governments to achieve outcomes for SJ. I stand for fairness, community infrastructure, aged care facilities, education, transport and sporting development. I am a family man, cancer survivor and a dedicated volunteer. My experience on various boards such as the Peel Development Commission, Woodland Grove Primary, Mundijong Primary and many other not for profit organisations will be an asset to SJ. I ask for your vote

    Postal Address: 14 Pethick Close, Byford 6122


    Social Network Address:

  • Gary SINGH

    Candidate Profile Photograph Gary SINGH2

    My family have made Byford our home for the last 5 years. I work for the City of Cockburn (Governance and Community Services) and gained extensive knowledge and experience in Community Safety and Security, CCTV, Crime Prevention by creating strong policies and operating procedures for use within Local Government. My vision is to bring the community and Council together and make Byford safe, secure, clean and an inclusive area for all to live by bringing strong, open, accountable and transparent governance to council. My priorities for Byford include; safer maintained roads, improved street lighting, foot paths and cycleways throughout all urban areas. Improve the lack of active open space and utilization of grant applications being submitted to assist further community development within the area. As a NHW volunteer and a facilitator for community events and I advocate for an inclusive community to make our community the best it can be.

    Mobile: 0422 036 383

    Postal Address: 3 Malachite Rd, Byford 6122


North West Ward Candidates

Vacancies (1) Councillor

Expiry of term 16 October 2021

  • Keith ELLIS

    Candidate Profile Photograph Keith ELLIS2

    If re-elected in the North West Ward, I will still continue to support progress without destroying the Environment ,Heritage and lifestyle within the Shire ensuring the areas the State Government identifies for urban growth do not impact rural and equine areas that has made our community a great place to live. My commitment to you is to ensure your voice and input is heard and actioned. I will only support positive Shire Management Policies , total transparency and accountability promote safer roadways support crime prevention strategies, keep rates low, support recreational projects and community facilities Jobs for our children and families. Please call 0419900516 and I will listen As a semi retired business owner I have the time to help protect what we value most . My Family and I thank you in anticipation for your vote.

    Home: 9498 1572

    Mobile: 0419 900 516

    Postal Address: 51 Kentucky Drive West, Darling Downs 6122


  • Benjamin AVILA

    Candidate Profile Photograph Benjamin AVILA2

    Your candidate for the north west ward. My strength is helping create opportunities for the communities in which I live and work, whether for business, education or the improvement of facilities. The role of local government is to work with rate payers and businesses to improve the community, not fight them. I have lived in the Shire for 33 years. As your councillor, I will help steer the Shire to build greater opportunities and stop the frivolous waste of funds. My wife Jill and I have enjoyed volunteering and serving the community as active members of school committees for over 10 years. I won a 40Under40 award for business excellence, community support and industry leadership. When not pruning my Oakford vineyard, I am a volunteer surf lifesaver. I am your sympathetic ear in council, representing and promoting small business, equine activities and rural pursuits for which the Shire is renowned.

    Mobile: 0418 942 247


  • Morgan BYAS

    Candidate Profile Photograph Morgan BYAS2

    As a lifelong Oakford resident, I spent most of my childhood in a saddle, exploring our bridle trails and the scenic local environment. Serpentine Jarrahdale has changed a lot in the decades since, and unfortunately it hasn’t always been for the better. I’m worried that the Shire isn’t managing the development of our region appropriately, and that the semi-rural localities like ours – Oakford, Darling Downs, and Cardup – are being left behind. Not enough is being invested in our local roads. Not enough is being done to keep our community safe from crime. Not enough is being done to preserve the unique character of our area. I’m about to become a father for the first time, and I want my kids to grow up enjoying the same semi-rural lifestyle I enjoyed. We’ve got to fight to protect it. Demand more from your rates and vote for me this council election.

    Mobile: 0437 661 776

    Postal Address: 101 Peters Way, Oakford 6121


    Social Network Address:

Southern Ward Candidates

Vacancies (1) Councillor

Expiry of term 16 October 2021


    Candidate Profile Photograph Joe BONGIOVANNI3

    I have lived in the Serpentine area my whole life attending Serpentine Primary School. My family still farm in the Serpentine area. I have loved growing up in the SJ community and want to see the area reach its potential and show what a great place SJ is to work, live and play. I am a local small business owner in the transport industry and will advocate for better road, footpath and drainage maintenance to protect shire assets. Improved and transparent financial management giving ratepayer’s better value for money coupled with open and accountable governance. Economically sustainable and environmentally sound development that protects the character, lifestyle and rural history of the area. Local jobs through business development and support for farmers right to farm. Accessible facilities and services within the Southern Ward of the Shire for early childhood, youth and seniors. Help me make a positive difference to SJ.

    Mobile: 0400 202 642


  • Keira MCCONKEY

    Candidate Profile Photograph Keira MCCONKEY2

    Keira is a Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale resident, living with her young family in Mundijong. She holds a Bachelor of Communication with a Major in both Public Relations and Journalism from Murdoch University. She has worked in Community Engagement roles for both the corporate and not for profit sector, with her current role being responsible for developing and maintaining corporate partnerships to support the work of The Salvation Army. With a love for the ‘relaxed’ natural backdrop of the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire, Keira is passionate about ensuring that we preserve the values of the region while supporting the forecasted growth of 63,336 new residents by 2036. Keira is committed to: 1) Communicating clearly and transparently with rate payers, ensuring their voices are heard and their feedback sought. 2) Improving Infrastructure, in particular; roads, footpaths, street lighting and parks. 3) Enhancing the safety of the Shire and reducing crime.

    Mobile: 0401 445 338

    Postal Address: 17 Silich Court, Mundijong 6123


    Social Network Address:

  • Tom HOYER

    Candidate Profile Photograph Tom HOYER2

    My name is Tom Hoyer and I am standing for election as a Councillor for the Southern Ward. You may know me as a Rotarian, Editor of the SJ Crier, MCA Delegate, Mental Health Advocate and SJ Men's Shed member. As our Shire grows and moves forward, Councillors are required to make better decisions and to create meaningful policies. To be inclusive and to behave with transparency and integrity. I will be supporting the Resource Centre in Mundijong, who are promoting the new SJ Business Group and the 'act and buy local' theme. This will go to securing our future economic, employment and family circumstances. With a degree in Sociology and a Diploma in Local Government, I have the capacity to encourage our Councillors to be more focussed on leading, protecting the natural environment, delivering better budget outcomes. To act more cooperatively with the entire Serpentine Jarrahdale community. Please consider.

    Mobile: 0408 195 351

    Postal Address: PO Box Jarrahdale 6124


    Social Network Address:

  • Johan LOUBSER

    Candidate Profile Photograph Johan LOUBSER2

    As a husband and father with our kids attending local schools we value a safe and vibrant community for young and old. My drive for election is to enhance trust and respect between elected members and the community. I embrace open and accountable governance by working together fostering positive relationships and delivering a shared vision for Serpentine-Jarrahdale. I believe the community will grow closer and stronger as we work together in the best interests of all. If voted onto the Serpentine-Jarrahdale council – Southern Ward as a caring husband, father, and active community member with many years’ experience in various industries, I bring the knowledge of working in large teams delivering successful outcomes. I am passionate and determined to make a positive difference in our amazing local community and would welcome your vote placing me in a position to work for you to deliver a future we can all enjoy.

    Mobile: 0409 081 998


  • Bruce MOORE

    Candidate Profile Photograph Bruce MOORE2

    Bruce Moore (Veterinarian) Previous local Government experience as Councillor and Mayor Town of Mosman Park 1985-2005. Mayor 17 years. Freeman of Town 2005. Centenary medal 2000 services to Local Government and age people's care. Councillor and Shire President Shire of SJ 2011-2015 Shire President 2011-2013. Justice of Peace Completed local government diploma course theory Local business person being Principal Veterinarian Mundijong Veterinary Hospital so understand the need to support local business. I believe I bring experience and a common sense approach with a keen desire to improve council application times down to a more acceptable turnover acknowledging councillors are your servants and by improving policy can achieve more amicable outcomes. Strongly supportive of community groups like CRC, Landcare, Men's Shed and Sporting organizations. Believe rates above CPI can no longer be acceptable. Stop the division and in fighting within elected members and not politically aligned.

    Home: 9525 5000

    Mobile: 0488 082 648