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Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Annual Report 17 18

All local governments are required by the West Australian Local Government Act 1995 to produce an annual report by 31 December each year. We aim to present our activities for the past financial year in a clear, concise way that will highlight our commitment to providing the services our community needs with an emphasis on best practice and continual improvement.

2016/17 Annual Report

Our Annual Report focuses on the key projects delivered in 2016/17, our progression towards our strategic objectives, our operational achievements, and tracking our financial performance against the 2016/17 Annual Budget. It also shows our alignment with our Strategic Community Plan 2013-2022 and Corporate Business Plan 2013-2017 (adopted by Council in 2013), which highlights our strategic vision for Serpentine Jarrahdale based on the following themes:

  • Governance and leadership
  • Financial sustainability
  • Built environment
  • Local economy
  • Natural environment
  • Community wellbeing

There have been no significant changes to our Strategic Community Plan or Corporate Business Plan during the 2016/17 financial year. This will be the final report for the Corporate Business Plan 2013-2017, as we will undertake a major strategic review in the next financial year, with a new Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan due to go to Council for adoption in July 2017 and a closing report on the Corporate Business Plan 2013-2017 presented.

This document provides an overview of our annual performance, our plan for the future, and the operational areas we will be focusing on into 2017/18. Our Annual Reports can be downloaded below, as we make a continuous effort to be environmentally sustainable and only produce a limited number of printed copies.

2016/17 Financial Report

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