2019/2020 Budget Highlights

View the highlights of the 2019/2020 budget including the areas of buildings and facilities, parks and gardens, roads, footpaths and drainage, plans for the future, community projects, fire prevention and protection of the environment.

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Our community will benefit in a number of ways across this financial year, as we focus on improving our buildings, community facilities, infrastructure, and public open spaces. We’ll also be working hard on a number of plans and strategies that will provide direction and guidance for the future.

Buildings and facilities

In 2019/20 we will invest $765,000 to refurbish and upgrade buildings and facilities, and renew existing ones. We will also spend $1m on routine maintenance and the general running costs of our buildings and facilities.

Some of the major projects we have planned include:


ProjectTotal project cost 19/20Grant/other fundingCouncil funded

Complete Serpentine Sports Reserve – replace old and damaged water supply pipeline

60,000 - 60,000
Mundijong Meeting Place ‘The House’ – repaint, carpets, air conditioning, refurbishment  102,000 -  102,000
 Complete Server Room Expansion 59,000 - 59,000 
Briggs Park Pavilion – refurbishment works 86,000 - 86,000
Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Recreation Centre (installation of two 5.5m industrial fans) 20,000 - 20,000

Parks and gardens

The major project planned for 2019/20 is the initial stages of a Nature Play and Splash Park in Byford which includes the design. Our vast and beautiful trail network will also be a focus with funds allocated to refurbishing trails needing attention. A new dog park in Byford will also be completed in 2019 for our four-legged friends. In addition, $2.2m is budgeted to be spent on routine maintenance programs, ensuring that we maintain the natural beauty of our public open spaces.

ProjectTotal project cost 19/20Grant/other fundingCouncil funded
Complete Briggs Park - lower oval upgrade 1,352,000 250,000 1,102,000
Byford Dog Park  480,000 - 480,000
Nature Play and Splash Park - - 300,000
Trails refurbishment/ promotion and activation 65,000 - 65,000

Infrastructure - roads, footpaths and drainage

With an area of over 900km², we are the second largest local government in the Perth metropolitan area. Serpentine Jarrahdale has a road network of approximately 830km and services 13 localities. In 2019/20 we will invest $13.3m in new infrastructure and renewal programs, and spend $2.9m on routine maintenance programs.

Some of the major capital projects planned include:

ProjectTotal project cost 19/20Grant/other fundingCouncil funded
Complete Abernethy Road 6,400,000 1,500,000 4,900,000

State Black Spot Funded road construction

1,850,000  1,770,000  80,000
Principal shared path Thomas Road – Alexander Road to Tonkin Highway 250,000 122,000 128,000
Soldiers Road – Abernethy to Bishop Road (along reserve) path program 210,000 103,000 107,000
North Crescent resurface 50,000 - 50,000
Elliott Road – resurface and second coat 135,000 135,000 -
Mundijong Road/Kargotich Road – single roundabout 1,875,000 1,250,000 625,000
Road Rehabilitation, Abernethy and Kargotich Road – install traffic island 420,000 280,000 140,000
Road Rehabilitation, Rowley Road 421,000 280,000 141,000

Planning for our future

This financial year, we will commit $245,000 towards projects that continue to ensure communities are well planned and reflect community aspirations. Preliminary site investigations will begin on the Keirnan Park Recreational Precinct. The precinct will accommodate an array of sports and alleviate pressures on our existing sporting infrastructure in the long term. Our Youth Services Team established last year has been
a huge success, with additional funds allocated to developing a Youth Strategy and Action Plan so that we can continue to support young people living in our

Total project cost for 2019/2020
Keirnan Park Due Diligence 100,000
 Youth Strategy and Action Plan  35,000
Trails Promotion and Activation 20,000
Gravel Pit Investigations 55,000
SJ Target Zero – Towards Road Fatality Reduction 35,000

Community projects

We will be investing in various community projects throughout the Shire in 2019/20. This year, $357,000 will be invested in community events and sponsorships, ensuring that there is something happening in our community that everyone can enjoy.

Major community projects for 2019/2020
Community grants and sponsorships 139,000
Community events 218,000
Switch Your Thinking  52,000
Library community outreach and library programs 23,000
Community development strategies 40,000

Protection of the environment

Our environment is important to our community. We will continue to protect the biodiversity of significant areas of bush land, as well as supporting Landcare SJ who
continue to carry out important environmental projects in our community. We will also continue the free verge plant scheme.

Total project cost for 2019/2020
Contribution to Landcare SJ (plus in-kind) 200,00
Free verge plants 6,000
Peel Harvey Biosecurity group 45,000
Weed control 95,000

Fire prevention

Our Emergency Services team carries out fire prevention work to ensure the safety of our residents. This financial year $996,888 has been allocated to our fire and emergency services and to support our volunteers. If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact the Emergency Services team on 9526 1111.
How far does $100 go?
For every $100 of your rates, we deliver a range of services to our community.

Road icon2 $38.35
Infrastructure capital expenditure
 Building icon3 $7.52
Planning, subdivisions, and building services
 Truck icon2 $7.60
Public health, rangers, and emergency services
Tree icon2 $7.77
Parks, gardens and sporting reserve maintenance
 Ball icon2 $3.18
Community buildings and sporting facility maintenance
 Environment icon $8.73
Environment and waste management
 People icon $6.04
Community services, library and culture
 Works icon $14.07
Roads, drainage and footpaths
 Meeting icon $3.92
Governance and Council
 Other icon2 $1.23
Other services and programs
 Bulb icon $1.17
Street lighting
 Place icon2 $0.42
Economic development and tourism