Growth Areas Perth and Peel project (GAPP)

Growth Areas Perth and Peel (GAPP) aims to improve the livability and desirability of Perth's outer metropolitan communities through the development of $1billion worth of sport and recreation facilities.

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Who are Growth Areas Perth and Peel?

Growth Areas Perth and Peel (GAPP) is a group of 11 outer Metropolitan Councils who are advocating for more public open space and regional sporting facilities. They include:

What are GAPP trying to achieve?

GAPP councils are advocating for the development of a $1 billion special purpose Federal funding allocation that will enable the WA State and Local governments to collaborate and build major outer metropolitan sporting facilities.

GAPP is proposing that the Federal Government allocate $350 million into a special purpose account, which would also leverage a complementary investment of up to $700 million from State Government, Local Government, and development contribution schemes.

With a cap of $30 million for any individual project, there would be sufficient funds available to build up to 12 major sports precincts across the 11 outer metro local government areas over the next four to eight years. Once established the facilities would be operated and maintained by the Local Governments.

Where can I find out about the projects?

Detailed information on each of the projects is available on the GAPP website projects page.

What are the benefits to the communities?

  • More places to play sport and live healthy lifestyles
  • Decrease in obesity rates
  • Decrease in other lifestyle issues and risks
  • Creation of jobs
  • Increased livability and desirability of Perth’s outer metro regions.

What project is the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale campaigning for?

The Shire is campaigning for the development of the Keirnan Park Recreation Precinct.

With the Shire set to experience further hyper- growth, it’s imperative that we effectively plan for and execute the timely delivery of sport and recreational facilities to meet the needs of our changing community. 

We can achieve this by assessing current and future needs of our residents, providing a home for local sporting and community groups, and leading club development initiatives that build efficient, sustainable groups operating with pride in their chosen fields.

Our goal is to build a central community facility accommodating a vast range of sporting needs and provide valuable recreational and administrative spaces in a friendly and welcoming environment Sporting activities that will be considered for inclusion are BMX, AFL, cricket, rugby, tennis, netball, teeball, hockey and basketball to name a few – some of which are not catered for at all currently.

For more information and to download a project sheet a click here

How can I help?

If you're a sporting or community group who would benefit from the Keirnan Park Recreation Precinct you can click HERE and follow the instruction at the bottom of the page..

If you're a sporting or community group and you support this project, visit the GAPP website and leave your message of support!