Information on speeding/hooning within the Shire.

Speeding/hooning in the area:

Local Government does not have the authority or power to enforce the road rules. The Western Australian Police Force (WAPOL) or Traffic Enforcement Group can assist with any queries or concerns you may have.  

Local Government does have the power to provide traffic and safety improvement methods such as slow points, rumble strips, signage, lighting, speed humps, guard rails etc which can be a treatment to minimize speeding and hooning on roads. To have such measures installed on the road, the Local Government must undertake road safety and traffic studies, support from 2/3 of the residents directly affected, comply with the relevant agencies standard and to have funds allocated by Council or grants provided by the State Government

Speed limits, speed signs in the area:

The Road Safety Commission are responsible for providing road safety strategies and policies on speed limits through studies and research.

Main Roads WA are the responsible authority on determining speed zones and the erection of speed zone signage in accordance with Australian Standards.  Speed zones and all associated signage is provided in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Road Traffic Code 2000. The requirements take into consideration road safety, driver expectation, nearby land use and transport efficiency.

For Main Roads WA to consider a speed limit review, a written request with supporting documentation of traffic and speed studies is to be submitted by the Local Government.

Request to change speed limit on a road near you?

For Main Roads WA to consider reviewing a speed limit, it must meet the below requirements:

  •  Roadside Development to be partial or fully built up
  • ​Dedicated precinct, area or reserve
  • Minimum total road width of 5.5 metres
  • Requires specific amount of residences, commercial buildings, schools, parks, light industries etc.
  • Service Roads not included
  • Marked Roads
  • Road Function must fit criteria
  • School zones
  • Existing Lighting, Signage etc
  • Daily Traffic Use
  • Reported crashes
  • Reported Speeding Incidents.

Relevant links:

Armadale Police Station: 9399 0222

Mundijong Police Station: 9526 5111


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