Abernethy Road, Byford

Roadworks, updates and general information regarding the Abernethy Road Project upgrade.


February Roadwork Locations

Complete Plan

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Latest update


Update: From March 25 to April 22, Temporary Road Closures at the Intersection of Kardan Boulevard & Abernethy Road and Abernethy Road eastbound between Hopskinson Road and Renaud Way.


The Shire advises road users of the upcoming partial Road Closure on Abernethy Road, between Hopkinson Road and Renaud Way. The westbound lane will remain open, however the eastbound lane will be closed.


The Proposed Temporary Road Closure is for the purpose of the installation of a roundabout for the Abernethy Road Upgrade Project. The closure will commence on Monday 25 March 2019 and is expected to be re-opened 22 April 2019. Weather conditions and operational changes may require these works to be rescheduled at short notice, please check this page for updates.


The Shire advises road users of the upcoming road closure of Kardan Boulevard at the intersection of Abernethy Road from Monday, March 25 for an anticipated four weeks due to the Abernethy Road upgrade project. 


Residents are asked to please be aware of the traffic control affecting your street. If traffic control is not present as you exit your street, please exit with the traffic flow with care. Detours will be in place during the closure, please see the maps below.


The Shire appreciates your patience on this matter. If you require any further information, please contact the Project Manager on 9420 2968.


Detour Route

 Abernethy Raod Closures March 25

Upcoming works update: March 13 - March 27

The following updates are for the Abernethy Road Upgrade Project for the next two weeks. Fortnightly updates will be provided here.

  • Complete roadworks at Tourmaline Blvd/Abernethy Road intersection.
  • Close Kardan Blvd/Abernethy Rd intersection and commence drainage installation and roadworks
  • Continue roadworks south side from Tourmaline intersection going eastwards.
  • Renaud Way – Install drainage line to basin and works at drainage basin.
  • Bradley Close – Continue drainage basin works.
  • Continue drainage installation on the south side of Abernethy Rd (Briggs Rd to Warrington Rd and Gordin Way to Soldiers Road).
  • Commence works for culvert (drain under road) extension on the north side of Abernethy Rd at Beenyup Creek. This includes the installation of a temporary pedestrian walkway on the north side of Abernethy Rd crossing Beenyup Creek and the removal of the existing pedestrian bridge.
  • Cable works (termination and jointing) at South Western Highway, Abernethy Rd, George St and Soldiers Rd.

Traffic control will be in place during the works from 7am to 5pm and residents are asked to take extra care when entering and exiting Abernethy Rd.


Weather conditions and operational changes may require these works to be rescheduled at short notice. Residents are encouraged to check this page or contact Wormall Civil on 9493 2288 for more information.


We thank you for your continued patience as we work on this critical project for our community.


All updates regarding the Abernethy Rd project are provided via this project page and our Facebook page.

Transperth Bus Detour: March 25- April 19

Route 254 and School Special 731(4422 and 4423) – Service Disruption  


Services will be required to deviate during the above dates due to works on Abernethy Road in Byford. Services will deviate as follows:


Route 254T and School Special 731 (4423) - Services will operate normal route to the intersection of Abernethy Road and Kardan Boulevard then deviate to continue on Abernethy Road, right Hopkinson Road, right Thomas Road, right Kardan Boulevard and U-turn at the Saintly Turn / Carbine Bend roundabout to resume normal route.


  • No Bus Stop Missed.


Route 254F and School Special 731 (4422) – Services will operate normal route on Kardan Boulevard and then U-turn at the Saintly Turn / Carbine Bend roundabout, continue on Kardan Boulevard, right Ballawarra Avenue, continue right onto Malarkey Road, right Abernethy Road, left Doley Road to resume normal route


The following bus stops will not be in use:


  • 26526 (Abernethy Rd after Kardan Bvd)
  • 26527(Abernethy Rd before Doley Rd).


The nearest available bus stops will be:


  • 26524 (Kardan Bvd before Viewed Grn)
  • 27623 (Doley Rd after Gallant Trn).


For more information go to and view the Journey Planner.




Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some frequently asked questions from residents, regarding the Abernethy Road Project:

What is happening on Renaud Way?

The Shire’s contractors are removing vegetation, to install a drainage basin. The purpose of the drainage basin is to store the surface water from Abernethy Road when a rain event occurs. The basin will also help control the outflow into the existing creek.

Will there be dust on site?

With any roadworks, there is potential for dust. The Shire’s contractors have dust management processes in place for when this occurs.

Will there be updates on the project?

The Shire will be providing fortnightly updates on the project on this page and Facebook page. Please visit these sites for the latest information about this project.

Will there be trees removed on Abernethy Road?

Yes, trees will be removed to allow space for the widening of Abernethy Road however the Shire is working with the contractor to keep it to a minimum. Once the works are completed, the Shire will develop a planting program to replace trees removed as part of this project.

When will Abernethy Road be completed?

Abernethy Road is expected to be completed in the last quarter of 2019.

Will the delays driving through Byford affect me, particularly around the schools?

Due to the works, you may be affected by detours. The Shire will provide notice of any detours in place. Please allow extra time and care when using Abernethy Road during the works.


The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale appreciates your patience during this time.


Project summary

  • The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is the fastest growing locality in Western Australia and rapid growth in population brings an increase in road traffic.
  • The local area of Byford fronting Abernethy Road is fast growing and with that, the capacity of Abernethy Road is rapidly approaching the limit for safe operation and will exceed that in the very near future.
  • Some members of our community have expressed concern with the current capacity and traffic safety of Abernethy Road and expressed a desire for it to be upgraded.

Anticipated future traffic volumes

  • By 2030: 10,800 to 16,800 vehicles per day will use Abernethy Road (in 2012 it was just under 2,849).

The current road won't cope

  • There is enough room in the current roadway (generally 28 metres wide) to fit 4 lanes (2 in each direction) plus turning lanes and a central median as well as footpath either side and street trees from around the Byford Secondary College extending towards the east.
  • Widening will be needed

Benefits the upgrade will bring

  • Reduce congestion.
  • Safer opportunities for turning (both at roundabouts and into/out of your driveways)
  • Safer opportunities for cycling and walking with shared footpaths and street lighting
  • Minimise accidents: Reported crash data shows there has been 69 crashes on Abernethy Rd between Kardan Boulevard and the South Western Highway (Jan 2012 – Dec 2016)
    • The majority were vehicles entering/leaving driveways or turning right at an intersection
    • The second higher were vehicles from 'one direction' e.g. rear end/side swipe type crashes
    • 82% property damages only
    • 12% required medical attention, and
    • 6% resulted in people being hospitalised, 0 fatalities

State Government expectations for Abernethy Road

  • Set out in Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million strategic documents Abernethy Road will transition from being a ‘local road’ into what is known as a ‘regional road’.

Current status

  • We are working with state agencies to relocate essential services like telecommunications, water, power etc.

Construction stages

Stage 1 - current

  • Site setup and clearing of vegetation

Stage 2 - current

  • The Shire is working closely with the following agencies to relocate essential services:
    • Telstra
    • NBN Co
    • ATCO Gas
    • Western Power
    • Water Corporation
    • Public Transport Authority

Stage 3

  • Upgrade of Beenyup Brook culvert crossing

The unexpected delays that have been experienced during the relocation of services have allowed the Shire to undertake a review of the existing plans for the creek crossing works. A new approach has been developed that will avoid the need for the prolonged road closure that has previously been communicated. It is now expected that any closures will be limited to short term closures and wherever possible will be undertaken outside of business hours to avoid inconveniencing surrounding schools and businesses. Information regarding any closures will be made available via our Facebook page and Roadworks website.

Stage 4

  • Road upgrade works within the rail reserve

These works require changes to rail signalling systems which are under the control of the Public Transport Authority. During this stage a complete closure of the crossing for a period of approximately 3 days will be required. The Shire is working closely with the Public Transport Authority to ensure that this happens at a time that will minimise disruption to surrounding schools and businesses. Information regarding any closures will be made available via our Facebook page and Roadworks website.

Stage 5

  • Earthworks, drainage and pavement works
  • Stage 5 will commence as soon as possible after the completion of Stage 2



Contact us

  • Our Infrastructure Team is happy to assist with any enquires regarding this project, please contact us.
  • Construction plans are available for the public to view at the Administration Office, 6 Paterson St, Mundijong and at the Mundijong Public Library.